why you should be drinking Warmed Up Cold Brewed Coffee Instead of Your Traditional Hot Brew

With summer on its way, a chilled coffee is a great alternative way to get your caffeine kick in the mornings – especially if you hate breaking out into a tummy churning sweat on your way into the office.

The coffee connoisseurs have come up with yet another great offering to add to the lattes and cinos and the rest of the bewildering array of designer coffees out there. Different to a regular iced coffee (which is essentially cold filter coffee, served over crushed ice with some sweet syrup) the cold brewed coffee is brewed in a completely different way.


It’s all in the details
Cold brew coffee is simple to make but it is a time-consuming exercise: the finely ground beans are soaked in cold water for up to 24 hours, which yields a concentrated extract. This essence is then diluted with water and served chilled. Not only does this method of extraction result in a sweeter tasting coffee (as the traditional method enhances the bitter flavour of the coffee bean), but it is also less acidic and therefore gentler on the tummy. This centuries-old method has become the latest thing to hit the coffee shops and no doubt, as with anything trending, it will have a price tag to match the hype.

Warming up cold brewed coffee is easy and you will have a hot cup of coffee in your hand in minutes. Any conventional heating methods work great with cold brew, from microwave, stove top to simply adding hot water. With cold brew concentrate, adding hot water is the easiest and fastest way to bring the concentrate to the right temperature and dilution.

Juzcit has taken it a step further and our cold brewed coffee concentrate, made from organic coffee beans and mineralized water is enhanced with vanilla pod and cardamom for an extra kick. Just the convenient, affordable solution you need on a hot, rushed summer morning.

Have some fun with your cold brew coffee concentrate
An after-gym reward

A little bit of caffeine makes for a great fat burner, so add some to your post-workout drink. The combination of fat and carbohydrates in chocolate milk has long been recognized as a great recovery drink after a gym session. Add a dash of your cold brew for some extra oomph.

Some party fun

Lovers of Irish coffees will love this twist on their favorite drink. Simply add a dash of Irish whiskey, some water and a splash of milk or cream to some of your cold brew coffee concentrate. Shake it all up and serve it over some crushed ice. And as the weather cools down, make a warmed up version by heating up your cold brew and milk or cream.

An Asian twist

For those of you who’ve been fortunate enough to taste one of Hong Kong’s favorite drinks, Yuan yang, you can now have a go at making your own. Simply mix one part cold coffee, four parts cold black tea and some milk. Pour over crushed ice and enjoy!

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