Why do you eat what you eat?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have, many times and it took me a while to actually be able to find some answers. I am not saying that I have all of the answers; however, I certainly have developed a deeper awareness in myself so that I’m not totally oblivious any more.

It actually started one day when I realized that I had been progressively and slowly putting on weight. One kilo here, another kilo there, slowly creeping up on the scales and feeling like I’m not fitting my clothes as well as I used to. Finally I realized that I was dialoging with myself every time that I was feeling the weight going on. I was saying things like:

“I wonder if I have a hormone imbalance?”

“I haven’t really changed how and what I am eating and how I am exercising, I shouldn’t be putting on weight.”

“I ‘will’ do something about this soon, I’m just too busy right now to think about it.”

I didn’t want to see; I didn’t want to act and most of all, I just wanted the reality of the situation to go away. Of course, it didn’t and eventually I felt really fed up with myself so, I decided to do something about it and complete a 28-day juice cleanse.

Now, I know that this may seem a bit extreme for some people however being the owner of a cold pressed juice company, I went to the thing I knew would best support me in my quest. Driven by the passion I have for gaining health and what I have learnt about foods and nutrition, this was the best option available to me at the time. Others might come at the problem from a different angle and we will take the opportunity to discuss some of these later.

By deciding to do a juice cleanse, I was doing what is commonly called a ‘pattern interrupt’. A pattern interrupt is deliberately doing something to interrupt an unconscious behaviour or habit by changing what you are doing midway through and ‘doing’ something else. When you do this, your mind (or unconscious action) is interrupted which places you into a confused state. This ‘state’ then makes you open to another suggestion because at this point, we are willing to trade your uncomfortable state (not knowing what to do next) for clarity and direction.

E.g.   if you’re prone to anger easily and would like to shift this unconscious behaviour, try this, when you are about to get angry, stop and start laughing. This places your mind into a state of confusion – as you are meant to be ‘angry’ and are now in a happy ‘state’. You continue laughing as you forget what you were angry at in the first place. Plus the endorphins that are released as you laugh actually gift your body a healing.

Back to my story, I wanted to get some clarity on what my unconscious eating patterns were. By stopping all ‘normal’ eating patterns while on a juice cleanse; I could feel when I would ‘ordinarily’ do something that I was unaware of (or unconscious of) when I was ‘in it’.

For example, when I was busy, I would ignore that I was hungry until I felt so hungry that I would over-eat. I then over-ate because I ate so quickly I wouldn’t allow myself the time to feel when I was full.

This was just one of the unconscious eating behaviours that I wanted to stop.

So what are some of the behaviours that can lead to unhealthy eating patterns and what can you do to:

  1. Recognize the behavior
  2. Stop the behavior

If you really want to know what your eating patterns are, take the short test below . . .

Click here . . . Why do I eat what I eat?

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