Hello, future partner :-)

  • When I say “The best juice you’ve ever tasted”, it isn’t hyperbole. We’ve been told that Juzcit blows anything that comes in a bottle clean out of the water, over and over again.  (I know — truthful marketing, honest thieves, serious jokes…)
  • Our hotel clients use our juices to create memorable moments for their guests — as a welcome present, for breakfast, or as a surprise in the minibar. We’re cheaper than champagne and more in tune with the times.  
  • In the café business, we help differentiating from the competition without the cost of time and effort that on-site juicing creates. Our partners tell us that guests come back specifically for the juice. Some of them have even surrendered to popular demand and are now selling us retail, by the bottle ;-).
  • For general retail, we deliver a superior product with good margins. The number of people who’re no longer willing to accept juice-flavoured sugar water is definitely rising.
  • For our catering partners, all of the above applies. Plus, we’re always happy to co-create unique drinks and cocktails suited to the occasion.
  • What’s more, we’re still young and hungry, looking to put a dent in the universe. We are just getting started on developing a whole new range of products with (very secret) native Australian ingredients, allowing for never-before tasted flavours and physiological benefits. And we love to work with you to create new products that make your clients go wow.

Michelle Caterson, CEO