Ep. 19 Interview with Amanda Fullam – Founder of @theprettinessproject & Interior Designer

Amanda Fullam

For episode 19 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat with Amanda Fullam.  Amanda came to chat about life and following her dreams by experiencing a creative rebirth and starting her instagram profile – @theprettinessproject, her fledgling business that she want to move from doing interior design to impact on more peoples lives. 
Amanda and I met doing a personal development workshop and after chatting to her at the workshop I really wanted to chat to her on this podcast as she told me how she started her instagram profile @theprettinessproject from reconnecting with her feminine side and her creativity to experience a creative rebirth. The result was Amanda’s discovery of a community of people who loved lettering in May, she started researching how to do wedding and event signage and lettering art and has grown her online following from 800 people to 2,000 in 1 month by giving away hints and tutorials on Instagram for free. 

Ep. 18 Three Women on an Extended Water Fast

Water fast

For episode 18 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat about the extended water fast that I did with 2 friends. I have compiled a series of video clips of the 2 weeks where we went for a float session, got a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage, went out on the town with friends, worked and generally did nearly everything I would normally do over a 2 week period, just without food. The general reaction Jo, Kelly and I got when we talked about our extended water fast was one of incredulity and disbelief.  Jo completed a 21 day water fast and Kelly and I did 14 days. We are still alive, no one fainted, we all worked and socialised during our fast. We all lost quite a bit of toxic fat from our bodies (I think we were all around 9kg’s) but it wasn’t for the weight loss that we did this.

Ep. 9 Interview With Ben Bowler

Ben Bowler

This week, I have interviewed Ben Bowler. Ben is the Executive director of Unity Earth and the CEO of World Weavers and is behind the launch of the inaugural “Fields of Healing: A Journey of Awakening” event hosted by Unity Earth Nov 24-25th at the North Byron Bay Parklands.  He is a unity-activist and spiritual entrepreneur and a writer for Huffington Post.