Ep. 12 Interview With Naomi Berg – Founder of Purple Skirt, PT & Wellness coach

Naomi Berg

For episode 12 of “Let’s Talk About..” I have interviewed Naomi Berg. Naomi is Founder of Purple Skirt a qualified PT and wellness coach, a mum and a facilitator of wellness retreats and workshops. Naomi brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience into getting breakthroughs for her clients from a holistic approach of emotional and physical wellness rather than the traditional PT training methods more common today.

Ep. 11 Interview With Bianca Maree Harrington – Accredited Practicing Dietician, Founder of Bee Free Living & Co-Founder of Balanced Bellas

Bianca Maree Harrington

For episode 11 of “Let’s Talk About..” I have interviewed Bianca Maree Harrington. Bianca is an accredited practicing dietician, Founder of Bee Free Living & Co-Founder of Balanced Bellas.  Bianca shares her journey from one of eating disorders to severe illness to wellness. Bianca Maree is an accredited practicing dietitian who has been working within the health industry for 6 years as of November! Bianca initially started out wanting to become a dietitian after suffering from an eating disorder in her late teens, very early 20’s and wanted to inspire others – women especially – to heal their relationship with food.