Summer Bodies are Made in Winter… It is possible…

Summer Bodies are Made In Winter

That “Summer” bod doesn’t necessarily mean an 8 pack and biceps to kill, the Summer bod I’m talking about is the body you love and care for, the bod you are proud to have, whatever shape or size!


I am a BIG culprit with letting my nutrition and fitness slip out of my hands during the colder months, it’s maths?! Cold weather + warm foods + electric blankets + cute cat = bye bye Summer bod….


As soon as Winter creeps up I can slowly feel myself sleeping longer, snoozing alarms more, steering towards warm hearty comfort foods more and skipping exercise to snuggle up with my cat more… Every. single. year. I do the same thing, I work towards my health and fitness goals and I feel really good but I let myself fall out of routine into a huge slump in Winter, its an ongoing cycle. Who’s with me?!

Well I win this round, Winter!! I’ve kept a determined mindset and have been eating cleaner, exercising more and I am surprisingly feeling very little temptation to do any of the dodging like I previously would have..

A few little things that have really helped me stay on track this Winter!

I kickstarted my health and fitness goals with doing a 4 day juice cleanse, I did 1 day of the Weight Loss Cleanse and 3 days of the Winter Warming Soup cleanse. I loved this cleanse because of the 2 soups per day, it has a bit of a kick to it which really warms the body and I found I could still do light exercise due to how filling the soups are! You don’t want to exercise too much during a detox because it is a time for your body to rest and rid some of the built up toxins that you have eaten, drank, breathed in and put on your skin over time. It gives your digestive system a break from having to constantly work to break down and process your food and it replenishes your body with the nutrients we all need and probably don’t get enough of in our day to day lives!


Another thing I have been doing (it’s a super small thing but it has a big impact on my early wake ups) is sleeping with socks on (lol) but because it’s so DANG cold in the morning and I usually wake around 5.30am, I tend to not want to snuggle up in the warm bed AS much because my body is kept warm which makes leaving my beautiful and cosy bed not so horrific.

Another small change I’ve made is I’ve been putting chilli in everything (ok maybe not in my oats), but I find having some spice in my lunches and dinners has really helped create the sensation of being warm!

Every morning this is a constant battle for me.. I find it’s pretty easy to lean more towards a steamy double strength caramel latte on lactose free than a glass of water.. I tend to slack off with the water consumption during Winter because I naturally don’t want to drink anything cold, but lately I find having a warm lemon water (with a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar) or a Ginger tea to start my day before my coffee makes such a difference and it helps keep my H2O intake up! Also just carrying around a BIG water bottle with you everywhere you go is a huge tip because you’re naturally going to drink it if it’s already there!

This has been a game changer for me, I have just started doing Personal Training sessions 2-3 times a week, they are scheduled times which forces me to get off my Winter tooshie and go workout! If you find PT isn’t something for you, another thing that works for me is either getting training or a bit of cardio done first thing in the morning so you don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day, or going straight from work so you’re not tempted to sit down at home and not get back up until its 7pm and Masterchef is on so now you can’t miss that episode so you definitely can’t go to gym now…. (Guilty).

So thats just a little insight of how I have been getting through Winter thus far, I plan on doing another Soup cleanse towards the end of Winter to really flush the body because lets be real, I have still been having some extra comfort foods.

P.s. Keep your doses of Vit C, Turmeric, Ginger and Lemon UP during the colder months so you have less chance of getting the sniffles! A super convenient way to do this is to drink 1 Flu Shot each morning with a big glass of warm water! Such a small but powerful trick!


Happy Juicing 🙂


Nikki <3

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