Chocolate Protein Balls (GF) – 10 pack


Great high-protein balls snack when you’re on the run. Packed with whey protein, goji berries and plenty of other tasty healthy goodies.

Gluten Free

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An amazing and healthy snack for between meals. Our protein balls are packed with whey protein, dark chocolate and other superfoods such as chia seeds.

Pre-gym, post-gym, between meals, any-time is a good time for one of these little protein packed flavour bombs.

Too much of anything is never good for your body, so make sure you don’t overeat energy balls.

Chia Seeds

The chia seed is nutrient-dense and packs a punch of energy-boosting power. Chia seeds benefits include promoting healthy skin, reducing signs of aging, supporting the heart and digestive system, building stronger bones and muscles, and more. They’ve even been linked to helping reverse diabetes.