Spelt Risotto with Mediterranean Vegetables


Indulge in this combination of delicious flavours that will leave you satisfied and dreaming about your next serving! Spelt Risotto with selection of Mediterranean vegetables.

Contains Gluten

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Spelt risotto with a selection of mediterranean vegetables.

Spelt is one of the world’s most ancient grains.

It is native to Iran and parts of Europe and was one of the first species of wheat ever used to make bread. It has gained popularity in recent times, thanks to its high levels of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals and the fact that it is both easy to digest and low in gluten. Spelt risotto has a lovely, nutty flavour not dissimilar to barley.

Spelt contains gluten so it’s not suitable for people with coeliac disease; but it can be an alternative for people who are not severely gluten intolerant.