Fingerlime Kombucha


Called the “Immortal Health Elixir” by the Chinese, kombucha benefits go beyond the gut. A super anti-oxidant and source of amino acids, this traditionally brewed kombucha is flavoured with the native Australian bush fruit, Fingerlime. Fingerlime has a delicious aroma of fresh, zesty citrus and a hint of cooked apples.

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Hydrating and refreshing, Kombucha is a delicious drink that many health-conscious athletes are turning to in order to improve performance and decrease recovery time.

Kombucha is a probiotic brewed black tea that has been used in China as a health drink for thousands of years. The Kombucha “Scoby” (stands for Symbiotic culture of bacteria & yeast) consumes the raw organic sugar in the tea mixture to produce the beneficial acids, bacteria and yeast that make this drink so good for you with distinctive citrus flavours unique to Australia.


The fruit of a rare rainforest tree, the Fingerlime has been a valuable source of food and medicine for Aboriginal people for thousands of years. The fruit was eaten for its delicious taste and its ability to ward off disease. The pulp and juice of Finger Limes were also applied as an antiseptic to infected sores and boils.