Choc cashew m!lk


Creamy, satisfying, rich chocolate flavour. Unlike dairy milk, this decadent nut milk will not leave you feeling bloated and cramping. Made by blending raw cashews with milk, raw cacao, dates, vanilla and sea salt this is a deliciously creamy, decadent treat. Once you try this Choc Cashew M!lk, you’ll never want to go back to the tasteless, watery, chemical filled brands that you normally fond on supermarket shelves.



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When cashews are blended with water, the result is a creamy liquid referred to as cashew milk. Add to this some raw organic cacao and you have a delish creamy Choc Cashew M!lk.

Choc Cashew m!lk is naturally dairy free

Dairy milk causes digestive problems in a huge number of people, this dairy alternative is fantastic!