Women on the run don’t have to eat junk

Are you finding yourself juggling a super-busy schedule? So many of us find ourselves on this constant treadmill and unfortunately, the chances are that very few of us are eating properly and looking after our health. Let’s face it, it’s all too easy to grab a coffee on the go in the mornings, tuck into a burger at lunchtime and then devour a chocolate bar in the afternoon to keep going. Eating healthily is probably one of the biggest challenges facing woman today and the array of fast food options at our fingertips often leads us astray.

If this sounds familiar, read on and have a look at how some simple changes in your daily life can turn your health around.

Prepare your meals in advance
Although this may sound like a headache, it is actually quite simple and you’ll be amazed at how much money (and time) you’ll save in the long run. Pre-package your breakfasts, lunches and a fruit in advance so that you can simply grab and go. Find some time over the weekend to cut up some fruit and vegetables ready for tossing into a salad – and you’ll have a ready-made, nutritious meal waiting for you to simply add some dressing.

Don’t skip breakfast
Skipping this most important meal of the day means that you’ll be more likely to either skip it altogether or indulge in some over-processed, ready-made offering from a corner café or snack on something while driving into the office or talking on the phone. Just allow yourself an extra 10 minutes in the mornings to fuel up, or take the time to enjoy your pre-packaged breakfast at your desk. Not only does eating a regular breakfast give your body the energy it needs to meet the demands of the morning, it also kick-starts your metabolism (crucial for those watching their weight).

Grab a fresh cold pressed juice
Many takeaway drinks are laden with sugar, and while it may give you the illusion of a quick pick-me-up when your energy levels are flagging, they contain no nutrients at all. It can be incredibly difficult to fit five portions of vegetables and fruit into our daily intake but a fresh cold pressed juice provides an easy alternative. The Ruby mix from Juzcit, for example, is made from ruby red grapefruit, orange, pineapple, turmeric and ginger. Not only does the fruit combination taste delicious, but the turmeric and ginger provide a great health kick too. These juices are produced from the highest quality locally sourced organic fruits and reaching for one of these during a mid-afternoon slump is a sure way to indulge in an energy and mood booster.

Pair up with a colleague
We all know that it is much easier to stay on track and keep motivated when goals are shared. Find someone at the office who also wants to take control of their health and well-being. Exchange recipes, share lunches… and who knows, once the rest of your colleagues start seeing the great results they may want to join in too!

Take the time out to rethink your eating habits and how they could be impacting your life. Make intelligent food choices and empower yourself with good health. It’s your single biggest asset.

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