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Nutritional Info per day


Total Calories – 1,205

Total Protein – 20g

Total Fat – 27g

Total Sugars – 226g


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Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse


Whether you are starting a weight loss journey, resetting your digestive system or doing a pattern interrupt to kick start you on a healthy eating plan, this cleanse will support you to meet your health goals.  The Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse is designed to be balanced to give your body a wide range of nutrients while cleansing and detoxing your body of toxins.


If you are new to juicing, this cleanse is for you.  It will gently detoxify the body to quickly return you to a balanced state of wellbeing.


It is important to plan for success.


Prepare for your cleanse by downloading and following your free 5 day Prep to Cleanse Guide HERE


The Prep to Cleanse guide will give you the crucial steps to ensure you experience a successful cleanse.  You will have a chance to get into the right mindset and set some goals and intentions for your cleanse.


What You Get


7 x Delicious Cold Pressed Juices, 1 x Sparkling Living Probiotic + 1 x Power Shot per day


Power shot –


Rocket – Lemon, cayenne pepper, celtic sea salt – mix with 500ml purified or alkaline mineral water

Improve your metabolism, detoxify and alkalize your body. Promote muscle recovery and a more restful sleep plus boost your heart health.


Cold Pressed Juices – 


Tropical – Orange, pineapple. passionfruit

A super fighter of colds and flu’s due to a wealth of vitamins, minerals and nutrients plus it is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Berry Fresh – Apple, beetroot, lemon, blueberries, ginger

Supporting your heart health, bone strength, blood pressure and mental health, this vibrant, stomach soothing juice is packed with delicious nutrients.

Loaded – Apple, cucumber, spinach, cos lettuce, celery, lime, lemon, mint

Cleanse your liver, calm and sooth your stomach and support your body to have radiant skin.

Ninja – Coconut water, apple, lemon, ginger

Your perfect defence from colds, flus and sore throats. This soothing juice supports your digestive health while defending against viruses.

Ruby – Orange, pineapple, ruby grapefruit, ginger, turmeric

Support your immune system with a hit of free radicals & anti-oxidants and support your joint health with the anti-inflammatories.

Spring Green – apple, pear, spinach, pineapple, mint

When you drink freshly made Spring Green juice, it is like receiving an intravenous injection of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that go straight into your system without having to be broken down. When your body has plenty of the nutrients it needs, and your body’s pH is optimally balanced, you will feel invigorated and re-energised.

Activated Almond M!lk – Activated Almonds, dates, nutmeg, cinnamon

Support your heart health, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and strengthen your immune system


Sparkling Living Probiotic –


Fingerlime Kombucha  – Water, Fingerlime, trace raw sugar, pu-erh (black) tea, ceylon (green) tea, live kombucha culture (S. boulardii, lactobacilus bacterium) may contain trace (less than 0.5% alcohol)

Probiotic brewed black tea that has been used in China as a health drink for thousands of years. Kombucha is great for your digestive system increases the number of beneficial organisms in your gut which in turn assists your bodies natural detoxification process, aids in the absorption of nutrients and minerals, supports the nervous system and is microbial (just to name a few of the benefits). This also leads to fighting harmful candida yeast overgrowth, increased mental clarity and mood stability.

The richness of the enzymes and bacterial acids support your body to detoxify, which reduces your pancreatic load and in turn eases the burden on your liver. They naturally support liver function allowing your liver to work more affectively for you.


How does it work?


Toxins build up in your body from a huge number of sources. Think chemicals in processed foods, car fumes, pesticides, makeup, cleaning products, personal care products…. They also build up as a part of your normal cell metabolism. Your body has a number of major systems that cleanse toxins from your body. Your lungs, liver, intestines, lymphatic system and skin are some.  Your body’s defence against built up toxins that it cannot expel is to store them in fat cells. Too much build up and illness and disease is a result.

A juice cleanse feeds your body nutrient dense liquids that are easily digested so as to give your body a chance to expel built up toxins. The nutrients give your cells a chance to recover and regenerate and as your fat is used by the body as an energy source, toxins are released and expelled by your normal body detoxing systems.

Over 5kg of fruits and vegetables are used to create 1 day’s worth of juice for your juice cleanse.  That is a lot more vitamins and minerals in each bottle than most people would ever eat in one day.


How long should I cleanse?


The length of time you cleanse really depends on what your cleanse goals are.  For example, if you are looking for a quick reset, eat pretty clean most of the time, drink limited alcohol and caffeine drinks and are thinking of cleansing pretty regularly then 3 to 5 days would suit.  If you have lived a pretty toxic life, drink large amounts of alcohol, caffeine drinks, sugary or diet drinks and eat lots of processed foods then you might want to start slow with 2 to 3 days and build up to longer and regular cleanses once you have started to really get into a healthy eating lifestyle.



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