Total Body Detox With Your Own Cleanse Consultant


Total Body Cleansers Receive – 


Pre-Cleanse Receive:


1 hour consultation from expert juice cleanse consultant


Each Day Receive:


Customised cleanse uniquely designed

during your consult to support your personal health journey

Cleanse instructions

Daily Support Emails

Invitation to closed Facebook group

Daily Cleanse Support Pack

(Psyllium husk powder, Peppermint Tea,

Orange & Honey Face Scrub, Epsom Salts)

Daily inspirational texts

30 min consultation post cleanse (PLUS Cleanser choosing more than 7 days will get an

additional 30 min consultation per week)

to keep you on track emotionally

and physically to achieve your health goals


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Total Body Detox With Your Own Cleanse Consultant

Guarantee your success with one on one expert support personalised to your individual needs

Step 1 – Select The number of days you want to cleanse for (minimum 3 days)

Step 2 – Book an appointment with your expert juice cleanse consultant

Step 3 – From your appointment set a start date for your cleanse

Step 4 – Get one on one post cleanse support to ensure you continue your journey to success

Your expert juice cleanse consultant will work with you to ensure you are:

  • clear on what you want to achieve
  • give you clear, simple advice on how to achieve your health goals
  • recommend juices for your particular health situation
  • coach you on breaking destructive habits
  • provide you with emotional support 
  • coach you on increasing your self love and healthy lifestyle design

Your Daily Cleanse Support Pack is designed to make life as simple and as easy as possible to get the most from your cleanse.  The best ways to really increase the detox process is to relax, reduce your stress and improve the pathways of elimination from your body.

The pathways of elimination are through your skin, through your breath and through your waste.  So, with that in mind, the epsom salts and the face scrub and for taking a deep soak in warm water and scrubbing your skin of dead cells.  The peppermint tea is for relaxation and the psyllium husk is to increase the rate of elimination from your bowls.  

Take the Psyllium husk powder in a glass of water morning, noon and before bed in the days leading up to your cleanse and the days following your cleanse.

Whether you are starting a weight loss journey, resetting your digestive system or doing a pattern interrupt to kick start you on a healthy eating plan, this cleanse will support you to meet your health goals.  The Gold Level Cleanser is designed to support your body with additional cleansing regimes while feeding yourself a wide range of nutrients to rid your body of toxins.

It is important to plan for success.

Prepare for your cleanse by downloading and following your free 5 day Prep to Cleanse Guide HERE

The Prep to Cleanse guide will give you the crucial steps to ensure you experience a successful cleanse.  You will have a chance to get into the right mindset and set some goals and intentions for your cleanse.

How does it work?

Toxins build up in your body from a huge number of sources. Think chemicals in processed foods, car fumes, pesticides, makeup, cleaning products, personal care products…. They also build up as a part of your normal cell metabolism. Your body has a number of major systems that cleanse toxins from your body. Your lungs, liver, intestines, lymphatic system and skin are some.  Your body’s defence against built up toxins that it cannot expel is to store them in fat cells. Too much build up and illness and disease is a result.

A juice cleanse feeds your body nutrient dense liquids that are easily digested so as to give your body a chance to expel built up toxins. The nutrients give your cells a chance to recover and regenerate and as your fat is used by the body as an energy source, toxins are released and expelled by your normal body detoxing systems.

Over 5kg of fruits and vegetables are used to create 1 day’s worth of juice for your juice cleanse.  That is a lot more vitamins and minerals in each bottle than most people would ever eat in one day.

How long should I cleanse?

The length of time you cleanse really depends on what your cleanse goals are.  For example, if you are looking for a quick reset, eat pretty clean most of the time, drink limited alcohol and caffeine drinks and are thinking of cleansing pretty regularly then 3 to 5 days would suit.  If you have lived a pretty toxic life, drink large amounts of alcohol, caffeine drinks, sugary or diet drinks and eat lots of processed foods then you might want to start slow with 2 to 3 days and build up to longer and regular cleanses once you have started to really get into a healthy eating lifestyle.


Because we do not pasteurise or process our juice in any way, to ensure maximum freshness, we will only deliver up to 4 days at one time. Orders over 4 days will have multiple deliveries.  Check out our schedule here, for when your juices will be delivered.

Additional information

Select number of days HERE

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