Cleanse Coach


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Cut Through The Crap with your Very Own Cleanse Coach


 My name is Michelle Caterson, the creator of Juzcit

Together with Tami J, the founder of Inner Connect, we will make life so much easier to cut through the crap of what works and doesn’t for you to attain optimal health with personalised cleanse coaching


Get positive, helpful, practical, no bullshit advice from people who have healed themselves and supported hundreds of others to do the same.


This initial consultation will cover –


What your health concerns are and why?

What are your personal health goals?

Obstacles that get in the way of reaching and maintaining your health goals.

Short assessment of your current diet, exercise and sleep regime.


At the end of the coaching session You Get –


A personalised report outlining a recommended action plan for you to start your journey to achieving your health goals


Access to both Juzcit’s and Inner Connect’s closed Facebook groups


PLUS you get the Full Price of this Coaching Session off the price of ANY Juzcit or Inner Connect product you purchase in the future*


*One purchase only offer


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What has happened to others who have travelled this path?




Watch this video to see Angela who has suffered from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. Angela gives her heart felt testimonial about her journey, with Tami J coaching her through a raw food, juicing and water detox, where she finds herself medication and pain free for the first time in years.

Hear how her medical tests show that her inflammatory levels drop from 24 to 17 in only 7 days of eating raw.

Hear how Tami J also enabled her to break through emotional blocks, that had her suppressed since childhood, enabling her to be free to move forward in time without the heavy emotional stress that was part of the cause of her condition. Angela describes her break through as being tribal.

Angela was told by medical professionals that she would not be able to succeed in her detox and would be straight back for her medications before her program even needed……..Angela did not go back. She is now planning on returning to horse riding, eating more raw and continuing to use her new knowledge about fasting to maintain her new health.





Bee Free Living

My experience with Juzcit has been nothing short of amazing since I approached the company in February this year. The staff have been very accommodating and always deliver their high quality produce on time, every time.
I suffer from significant food intolerance issues, therefore it is not uncommon for me to struggle with bloating, feel tired, sluggish & suffer terrible sugar cravings as a result of this. Since commencing a two day cleanse every month, I have experienced a noticeable improvement to my energy levels, my bowel symptoms have significantly lessened and I find I experience virtually zero sugar cravings. I have also noticed my portions of my food have also decreased & I feel fuller quicker on smaller amounts of food.
Bee x