Life Hacks – Top 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of your Day

My youngest son is obsessed with searching You Tube for life hacks. When he finds one he really likes it normally means a big mess and it nearly always costs me money. For example, he found a life hack where he could ‘paint’ his school water bottle by spraying different coloured spray paints into a bucket of water and then dip the water bottle into the paint floating on top and the paint would apparently stick to the bottle in psychedelic swirls of colours.


In reality we ended up with a child covered in paint, an ugly sticky mess on his water bottle and a very messy sticky bucket, both of which hit the rubbish bin. I am glad that I supervised the experiment to happen out on the grass because it really was a terrible mess.


There are better life hacks out there; this one just wasn’t one of them. I find that I prefer finding life hacks that make life easier, not messy and hard. Below are my top 5 tips for getting the most out of your day.


Life Hacks – Top 5 Tips for Getting the Most out of your Day



Life Hack - sleep

I know I have said this hundreds of times and at the same time, there are times when I have not followed my own rules but that does not change the simple fact that getting a good nights sleep is one of these most important things you can do to make your life easier every day.


Tired brains get stressed, emotional and angry. Tired brains just don’t work properly and if they are tired a lot it will eventually lead to poor health.


I can always tell if I am around someone who has slept well, they are generally happier and more energetic. So if I was to give my absolute Top Tip for getting the most out of your day, get some sleep.



Life Hacks - Hydrate

Did you know that an average human body is about 60% water? That is over half of our mass! This means that water affects every single human bodily function from cell regeneration to elimination of waste (aka, detoxing).


Measuring your own levels of hydration is so easy! All you have to do is look at your urine. If it is any shade of yellow to brown, you need more water. If it is clear, you have been drinking enough water. So simple.


Being hydrated has some great benefits including helping to maintain or lose weight. This is because one of the body’s responses to being thirsty is often felt as hunger so being dehydrated can lead to overeating. Also, being hydrated can boost your metabolism so you burn fat faster.


If you are like some people I know (including me…), you might get sick of drinking just water all of the time. Instead of going for some sugary soft drink or processed juice, enjoy a glass of cold pressed juice or lemon water to mix things up plus get a boost of vitamins and minerals essential for balancing the hydration levels of your body.


Mind your Mindfulness

Life hack - meditate

Ever heard of monkey brain? It’s that phenomena of having a ‘scatty’ mind, thinking of 10-100 things at once and getting nothing done well, just lots of things kinda done. I have totally suffered from this, especially when my kids were little and I had the juggle of kids and work to manage. I was very often in overwhelm and rather than slow down, I thought I could make things better by doing more, doing it faster and doing it fairly poorly as a result.


So why have I put this in the top five, even above food? Because when your mind is scatty and unfocused, it is harder to make the choices that will support your body when it comes to food and exercise in particular. When you are experiencing this level of overwhelm, your body is under stress, which in turn affects your relationships with yourself, your partner, your children, your friends and family. Also, when your body is under stress, your have raised cortisol levels which disrupts your hormones and compounds the problems with weight gain and mood swings.


There are some really simple things you can do to improve your level of mindfulness without resorting to a 6-month time-out in the mountains of Nepal. The way I started with improving my mindfulness was by taking any chance when travelling on public transport to put in my earphones and listen to a guided meditation. Also, just before going to sleep, I set my phone to flight mode (to reduce exposure to mobile phone radiation which can disrupt sleep), put in some earphones and listen to a guided sleep meditation from one of my podcasts. My favorites are the Hay House Meditations.


Another simple mediation technique that really works for me is to direct the shower head in the shower toward my face and leave it spray my face for a couple of minutes so that all I can focus on is breathing through the water. First thing in the morning this is a great way to get centered to face the day’s challenges.


Feed Your Body the Good Fuel

Life Hack - Food

You are what you eat. Such a simple saying and oh, so true. Feed your cells crap and you will feel crap. Feed your cells fresh, whole foods and you will feel fresh and whole.


It really does not have to be hard or expensive to eat (in the majority) fresh whole foods. If money is an issue, only buy in-season fruits and vegetables. These are normally both the cheapest and the most nutritious so you get a double bonus!


Eat small meals and eat them slowly and include a balance of good fats, proteins and only a small amount of carbohydrates, especially any carbohydrates that are processed like breads, pastas and rice.


Cleanse regularly – choose either intermittent fasting, full juice cleansing or a combo of intermittent fasting, juice cleansing and water cleansing to get a really deep level of cleanse. I have included a brief overview of the different cleansing methods below. Cleansing reduces your body’s toxic burden by eliminating toxins entering your body through the food you eat. Up-level by cleansing and detoxing your colon through colonics, enemas or salt flushes to really reduce the pressure on your kidney, liver and spleen. If you want to know more about enemas and salt flushes, I have put instructions below.



Summer Bodies are Made In Winter

Did you know that you lymph system is one of the major systems that get toxins out of your body? If it’s blocked or it is being sluggish (think swollen glands) then you are likely to fall ill.


Moving your body is one way to get your lymph system moving. A brisk walk, jumping on the spot, dry brushing your skin, stretching, pretty much any form of exercise will support your lymph system and prevent it from becoming sluggish.


Even only small amounts of movement for short periods are good for your body. If you are drinking plenty of water, chances are you will be getting up regularly from whatever you are doing to go to the toilet. This is a great time to get your body moving just a little bit more than normal.


Some other ways that I bring movement into my day when I’m too busy to get to the gym is to twist my body and bounce my legs when I’m sitting at my desk. Another way is to do leg stretches when standing at the printer waiting for printing.


Cleanse Methods


Option 1 – Intermittent fast


Make or buy 1Lt of cold pressed juice per day (or make 3Lts and then drink over 3 days)

Drink 500ml luke warm alkaline water or filtered water upon waking then 500ml luke warm or warm alkaline water or filtered water mixed with 60ml of Rocket, Pineapple & Turmeric Shot or Flu Shot.

Drink 500ml juice for breakfast

Drink 500ml of alkaline mineral water or filtered water

Drink 500ml juice for morning tea

Drink 500ml of alkaline mineral water or filtered water


From lunchtime, eat 2 to 3 small meals of salads, soups or warming foods that have wholesome portions of good fats and protein and minimal carbohydrates until 7pm with 500ml of water in between each meal. Do not eat anything until you wake up the next morning. Repeat for the number of days you have chosen to fast.


Option 2 – Juice fast


Cold Pressed Juice

Make or buy 3Lt of cold pressed juice per day (or make 9Lts and then drink over 3 days)

Drink 500ml luke warm alkaline water or filtered water upon waking then 500ml luke warm or warm alkaline water or filtered water mixed with 60ml of Rocket, Pineapple & Turmeric Shot or Flu Shot.

Drink 500ml juice for breakfast

Drink 500ml of alkaline mineral water or filtered water

Drink 500ml juice every 2 hours with 500ml of water between each juice until 2 hours before bed.


Option 3 – Water Fast


This one is as easy as it sounds. Drink lots of water….

Just kidding.


On a more serious note, do not start water fasting without planning and considering the impact on your health if you are currently suffering from medical conditions. Find a good holistic doctor and get some advice first.

Keep your stress levels low, rest and use the water fast to really relax and calm your body’s nervous system.

Transition into the fast slowly by stepping from intermittent fasting, to juice fasting then to water.

Drink luke warm alkaline water or filtered water regularly throughout the day and add a pinch or two of good quality unprocessed sea salt to your water to support the balance of minerals in your body.

Break your fast slowly with juice first, then soft raw foods like avocado’s, pears and bananas before moving onto foods that are harder to digest.



How to do an Enema


Buy an enema kit – you can get these online or from a good holistic chemist

Find a comfortable place to lay down where you can easily reach the toilet.

Prepare your enema solution (solution suggestions below) and pour into your enema kit.

Laydown on a towel (try different positions to find the one that suits you – on back, on side and on all fours are common), lubricate the nozzle with clean oil like coconut oil or sweet almond oil then insert.

Open the clamp and control the flow of the solution by releasing the pressure on the clamp to suit your comfort level.

If you start to cramp, close the clamp, relax, breath and wait for the cramping to subside before opening the clamp for more solution to flow.

If you experience pain for more than a few seconds, stop and sit on the toilet to allow your bowel to empty then start again.

Massage your abdomen during the process to support the flow of solution into your entire colon.

Once all of the solution has emptied from the bag. Remove the nozzle and continue massaging your abdomen. Hold the solution for as long as possible up to about 15 minutes. Sit on the toilet and evacuate.

Repeat until you stop passing fecal matter.


Suggested Enema solutions


Clean filtered water with a couple of drops of pure essential oils such as peppermint, frankincense or lavender.


Coffee solution – Mix 200ml Cold Brew Coffee with 1,800ml of tepid water or brew a solution of 2 tablespoons of organic coffee in a plunger or boil in a pan on the stove. Top up to 1 liter with cold and/or tepid water until solution is body temp.


Epsom Salt solution – Dissolve 4 tablespoons of Epsom Salts into 2 liters of water


Water Kefir solution – Mix 500ml of unflavoured water kefir with 1,500ml of tepid water.



Happy Juicing Love Michelle

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