(script) What is (/script) cold pressed juice?

Cold pressed juice is produced using a grinding method to pulp the whole fruits and vegetables in a way that does not heat the fruit up. The pulp is then bagged and pressed by plates under hydraulic pressure to extract the juice. This method preserves the nutrients and enzymes present in the produce.

(script) What is the difference (/script) between cold-pressed and any other type of juice?

Centrifugal juicers that are used in most juice bars use internal blades and very high revolutions to extract the juice. The process results in the juice being oxidised and compromises the living enzymes in the juice so this type of juice needs to be consumed immediately so as to get the nutritional benefit. Research has shown that cold-pressed juice retains double the nutrients of a centrifugally prepared juice.

(script) What is (/script) HPP and do you use it?

HPP is High Pressure Pasteurisation which is a cold pasteurisation technique used to prolong the shelf life of juices without the use of preservatives. Juzcit does not use HPP because despite the claims, this process effectively ‘cooks’ the juice and kills the living enzymes that give the juice its unique health benefits.

(script) Why should I (/script) cleanse when my body has a naturally detox process?

Your body is constantly exposed to toxins, stressors anti-oxidants and free-radicals. The prolonged exposure to these negatives result in lifestyle diseases (or non-communicable diseases in medical speak) such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer, asthma, arthritis…. The list goes on. It is pretty obvious that the body’s natural cleanse system is not coping under the pressure. The frequency of these diseases is increasing in industrialised countries. Give your body a break, let it recover; give it the nutrients it needs to prevent these diseases from crippling your life. You will feel the difference.

(script) Can I exercise (/script) whilst I cleanse?

Yes you can but, be aware of your body. Listen to it and go gentle to start. Different people react differently to cleansing so it is best to see how you are feeling at the time. The cleanse is not meant to be a starvation diet but there is definitely a lower volume of food than your body is likely to be used to. I would recommend doing yoga or Pilates for a low impact but effective workout.

(script) How fresh (/script) is your juice and how long will it last?

Our juice is cold pressed the day before sale and has a shelf life of 3 to 4 days. Every juice is stamped with a used by date. Our juices do not contain any additives or preservatives.

(script) Can I juice (/script) if I am gluten intoleratant?

Yes you can. All of our juices are gluten free. Our juices are 100% natural, raw and contain no added preservatives and no added sugar or sweeteners. Some juices may contain nuts.

(script) Can everyone (/script) cleanse?

Doing a juice cleanse temporarily restricts the amount of protein and fat you eat so it is not recommended for everyone. For example, people with existing medical conditions or on medications should consult their nutritionist before deciding to cleanse. Additionally pregnant or breastfeeding women and children should not cleanse.