Is Your Medicine Killing You?

Are  You Living Life?

According to Centre For Disease Control & Institute of Medicine the #3 cause of death is through Medical Error.

We now live (for the majority) in a pill popping culture where the fastest ‘cure’ is what we seek and indeed ask for as the ‘fast pace’ of our lives demands we get back in the race quick so we can keep ‘living’.

But . . . Is this really living?

According to Centre For Disease Control & Institute of Medicine 90% of doctors visits are the result of stress. Doctors are trained to medicate or operate to ‘cure’ the symptoms so the patients can return to the status quo of their lives.

But . . . Is their ‘status quo’ actually making them ill?

Doctors have the opportunity to look beyond the ‘symptom’ to what may actually be causing the issue that might be predisposing or worsening the illness. There are many forms of stress in our lives that we may just take for granted and is ‘just a part of life’ . . . or is it?

There is a miss conception of stress and most people wear it like a badge they say “I’m so stressed therefore I’m so busy so I’m worthy and important”

To the body stress is VERY different.

Stress causes the amygdala in the brain to turn on the ‘Fight or Flight’ response in the body and places you in the sympathetic nervous system, which floods the body with cortisol and epinephrine. This is great if you are being chased by a lion or in an accident because these help you to take action to save your life.

HOWEVER, the amygdala doesn’t know the difference between getting chased by a lion and negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings that originate in your mind that turns on the ‘Stress Response’ (or fight or flight) and as a regular way of life, this can be very damaging to your body and health long term.

We have 2 nervous systems – the Sympathetic Nervous System or the ‘Fight or Flight’ response (stress) and the Parasympathetic Nervous System or the ‘Relaxation’ response.

Our body is equipped with its own natural repair system and fights off diseases and illnesses like infections and cancer on a daily. So why aren’t we using what has naturally been gifted to us?

We need to start by understand some of the real issue that could be making us ill.

What IS stress?

Stress and chronic stress seems to be an acceptable part of life. It is a state of being that we place ourselves in to meet all the demands that are placed on us each day. There are the obvious forms of stress and then there are those that we just accept as a ‘way of life’ that can appear in MANY different forms such as:

  • Social isolation

  • A pessimistic world view

  • Toxic relationship

  • Negative beliefs about your health

  • Fearful, worried or anxious thoughts

  • Financial worries

  • Being in a soul draining job that’s sucking your life-force

  • Feeling overwhelmed

  • Selling your soul for your weekly wages

  • Knowing you have a song within you that has yet to be sung

  • Feeling like no body really understands the real you

  • Not really ‘living’ your purpose and living for ‘others’

  • Pretending to be something your not

All these things have been scientifically proven to actually cause illness however some doctors and patients choose to turn a blind eye to this, because they don’t want to face what it would take to reduce their stress and bring balance back to our lives and bodies. In fact, reducing stress will actually increase health.

Doctors are in the business of ‘symptom’ relief NOT symptom prevention. Some patients ask doctors all the time, fix me up so I can get back to ‘doing’ my life.

On average in our culture, we have more than 50 ‘Stress’ Responses per day and every time we go into ‘Stress’ Response, we disable our natural repair system.

70% of Americans take at least 1 prescription drug and 20% take 5 or more

This can be likened to a rugby player being hurt on the field and the player asking the team doctor to do whatever it takes to ‘fix him up’ so he can get back into the game as quickly as possible.

What if . . . the rugby player was taken out of the game that was causing the issue in the first place?

What if . . . the way patient is ‘doing’ their life is causing the need to be consistently ‘fixed’?

Medicine should not just about placing a metaphorical band aid on a ‘symptom’ but about putting a soul back together

Soul Medicine was once practiced by doctors who understood the holistic approach to medicine and healing. Maybe it’s time to add the practice of healing back into the medical world and be reminded what it means to be a whole, healthy human being.

We need to reclaim our Soul Medicine and inject this into our lives.

What is Soul Medicine?

The Soul medicine that is prescribed (and NOT limited to) for well-being is:

  • Being loved just as we are

  • Loving ourselves just as we are

  • Helping others

  • Always seeing the glass full

  • The unconditional love of pets

  • Communing with nature

  • Laughing out loud

  • Expressing your creative genius

  • Giving yourself to express who you are

  • Knowing you belong

  • Speaking your truth

  • Nourishing your body with real food

  • Being unapologetically YOU

Now you be the doctor in your life, take your blind fold off, see your life as it really is and assess what it could be and them prescribe yourself one or ALL of the above. Test yourself and see what else you can add to this list.

Remember that your body knows what to do so let it, feed it physically with the ‘right’ foods, mentally with the ‘health’ attitude and spiritually with the ‘soulful’ medicine.

Ask yourself – what will I do with my precious and valued life?

Source Lissa Rankin MD – TEDxFargo

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