Ep. 3 Intermittent Fasting & Juice Cleansing: The science behind biohacking your aging process

Intermittent Fasting & Juice Cleansing_ The science behind biohacking your aging process

This week I have delved into Intermittent Fasting & Juice Cleansing and the science behind biohacking your aging process.

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How does aging work? This is a question that researchers have been looking at for a long time and is the source of a multi-billion dollar industry of quick fixes, and expensive ‘external factor’ products and procedures such as plastic surgery, and botox to name a few. But what if changing your aging process is as simple as doing a regular fast and juice cleanse?


As the regeneration of new cells in your body is outpaced by cellular death, your body will age. This cellular death march results in your immune system being compromised. Cell death is a natural process; different cells in your body have different life spans and will die and regenerate many times in your life. Toxins can cause cell death however, in many cells, once the toxic stress is removed, the damage may be reversible, that is, the cells will regrow and everything will return to normal however, continued stress over time can result in diminished capacity for repair and eventually can lead to complete loss of organ function.

So how does this relate to intermittent fasting and juice cleansing?

There has been some ground-breaking study’s into fasting and the regenerative effects of using fasting cycles to reset your immune system. According to scientists at the University of Southern California, “fasting “flips a regenerative switch” which prompts stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system.” In fact, Yoshinori Ohsumi won the 2016 Nobel Prize for his discoveries in this area of research. Studies show that cells live longer and make more energy (i.e. burn more fat) in times of fasting resulting in a natural way to bio hack your aging process. Plus, calorie restriction has been shown to boost levels of nitric oxide, a molecule that delivers essential rejuvenation and detoxification to the body.

Want more science? I love science so I’m going to give it to you. Scientists found that prolonged fasting also reduced the enzyme PKA, which is linked to ageing and a hormone, which increases cancer risk and tumor growth.


What is the difference between fasting and cleansing?

Fasting is the total abstinence of food for 12 or more hours whereas cleansing is consuming only fruit and vegetable juices for 12 or more hours. Both methods have benefits however, if you are a beginner, I would recommend starting out with short juice cleanses gradually building up to longer cleanses and fasts.

In history, many famous people used fasting for both health and for spiritual reasons. Hippocrates (400 BCE), also known as the “Father of Medicine” prescribed fasting, Pythagoras and Mahatma Gandhi both used fasting in their lives. Even Tony Robbins advocates using fasting to bio hack your health!

So how to fast and cleanse to bio hack your aging process?

As discussed previously, fasting is abstaining from all food for 12 hours or more. I prefer to fast for 16 to 17 hours per day and sometimes from 1 to 3 times per week depending on what is going on in my life at the time. I eat from lunch time until 7 or 8 pm and then only drink water until lunch time the next day.

There are some studies that suggest fasting through the night and eating during the day is a better method as this aligns with your circadian rhythm. This would mean eating from say 7am to 3pm then fasting from 7pm to 7am. I prefer the above method because I like eating with my family at night. You choose what works best for you.

Juice Cleansing floods your body with nutrients while giving your body a rest from digesting food. To juice cleanse, you will generally drink 2 to 3 Lts of cold pressed juice per day of your cleanse (plus 2 to 3 Lts of water).   One day of cleansing for me looks like:

6am 350ml Lemon water with cayenne pepper and sea salt

7.30am 350ml juice

8.00am 350ml water

8.30am 350ml juice

9.00am 350ml water

10.00am 350ml juice

10.30am 350ml water

11.30am 350ml juice

12.00pm 350ml water

1.00pm 350ml juice

1.30pm 350ml water

2.30pm 350ml juice

3.00pm 350ml water

4.00pm 350ml juice

4.30pm 350ml water

5.30pm 350ml juice

6.00pm 350ml water

8.00pm Go to sleep

This looks like a lot to remember but it’s really as simple as setting alarms in your clock every hour and a half for your juices and every half hour after your juice for your waters. Give yourself plenty of self-love and enjoy the experience of feeling amazing and bio hacking your aging.

If this sounds intimidating, start slow and work your way up. You will need to find what works best for you. Perhaps start with a one day cleanse followed by a 12 hour fast the next day. Then the following week, try a 2 day cleanse followed by a 14 hour fast.

The benefits are far more wide reaching than just hacking your aging process, you may also reduce insulin resistance, lower bad cholesterol levels, reduce inflammation, improve focus and concentrations, improve your sleep, get better looking skin and hair and feel loads more energy. I know I have personally experienced and had loads of people who have done our juice cleanse experience some or all of these benefits after a juice cleanse.

If you want more information about fasting, cleansing, bio hacking or anything I have talked about here, please leave me a message below, email me at [email protected], call me at 1300 juzcit, follow me @juzcit on socials and leave a comment or DM me on socials and me or the team will get back to you. Thanks for reading, once you’re ready to begin, your body will thank you for all the work you’ve put in to making it the best it can be.

Love, Michelle








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