how i faked being healthy

Only a few years ago I was filling my body with an insane amount of toxins every day and was pretty oblivious to my actions. I wasn’t totally unaware but I was pretty ignorant of not only the long term impact I was having on my body but the short –term, more insidious effects that were harder to pinpoint to the food I was eating and the drinks I was drinking.

A typical day for me was to wake up at 4am, go to the gym for an hour, shower and get to work.  After my pre & post workout drinks filled with all sorts of chemicals, I’d start the day with a latte coffee on skinny milk on my way to work followed by probably another 3 or 4 coffee’s during the day to keep me going (that was before lunch).

At lunch, I would have something fairly healthy like a grilled chicken breast fillet and steamed vegetables but would follow it with a Coke Zero.  To keep awake and my hunger at bay, during the afternoon I would chew on ‘sugar free’ gum and I might down another Coke Zero if I was really struggling to stay awake.

Then as the sun was setting (or often well after the sun had set) I would leave the office in search of something fairly healthy for dinner, washed down with a beer or two and a glass of red wine before I would hit the bed for my rinse and repeat cycle.

Some may look at this typical day and go “I can’t see the problem..” or “That doesn’t seem so bad, at least she went to the gym…”

Others may look and be horrified.

I know, I wonder how I survived this long! Thank goodness for my ‘strong constitution’. I look back now and can see I was well on my way to becoming another statistic.

I was headed for an early death if I was lucky or a life long (life shortening) debilitating disease that would leave me in constant pain and lethargy if I were not.

I’m not 100% sure that I have changed my ways early enough. I lived a pretty hard, toxic life for over 40 years and have only spent the last couple turning it around in the hope that I will not be one of those statistics.

What I really want to do though is get other people’s heads out of the clouds and help them see what they are doing to themselves. I’m committed to raising awareness about the toxins that we overload our bodies with and how to reduce this now, before it is too late to turn around the affects.

The fastest way I have found to turn this around is through the benefits of juice cleansing.

I am passionate about sharing information on how Cold Pressed Living Drinks gives your body a break, removes toxins, revitalized and re-energizes all your systems. I have now created a free one-hour workshop on juice cleansing.

Click here to register an interest.

I’m looking forward to expanding this awareness as Juzcit continues to flourish to positively impact the health of those around me.

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