happy saint paddy’s day lovers!!

Green Saint Patricks Day Juice

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day Lovers!! In the spirit of Saint Paddy’s Day I went and painted my nails sparkly green. They look so cool.

Did you know that Saint Paddy’s day is a feast day where the restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are traditionally lifted since it is in the middle of Lent (the traditional fasting time for Christians)?

Lent is just one of the religious fasting routines that has been used by people throughout history. Many religions and cultures observe some form of fasting for example, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism.

I think one of the most interesting facts about fasting that I have come across is that Taoists used fasting as a technique to become a transcendent immortal and then later as a traditional medicine in the treatment of “the malevolent, life-shortening spirits that supposedly reside in the human body”. Whilst I definitely find fasting a spiritual experience, I haven’t as yet reached the height of transcendent immortal. I have seen and experienced for myself the treatment of illness in the body however.

So for Saint Paddy’s day, I’m going to say cheers to all with a bottle of brilliant green Loaded Cold Pressed Juice in my painted green hand and as a special gift to you all, I have included the recipe for Loaded below so you can make it at home from your own juicer (you can buy a Kuvings juicer from my website if you don’t already have one).

Enjoy the feast and perhaps afterwards, think about why people fast and whether it is something that you should give a go. Thousands of years of fasting from cultures all over the world can’t be wrong, the health benefits are huge, give it a go.

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