Getting on top and staying on top

How to Get to and Maintain Your Optimal Level of Performance

You know the feeling… it’s nearly time to shut down at the office and all you want to do is get home to some comfort food and crawl into bed. Instead, your diary is telling you to hit the gym and then dash off to a dinner with friends you haven’t seen in ages. And tomorrow evening it’s off to the Parents meeting at school straight after work.
If that just made you feel like tearing your hair out, welcome to the club! You’re one of millions of us working moms and career women who all seem to be juggling tons of commitments at the same time. Although we ensure that the family’s lunch boxes are packed healthily, we tend to eat on the run — and in doing so muffle the signs from our bodies alarm when it’s trying to tell that trouble is looming.
There are a few simple ways we can start to reverse this pattern though, and the 4 steps below are a great way to start.
Learn about the meals pyramid
You may recall learning about this at school, or may be familiar with the old saying that goes, eat like a king for breakfast, a prince for lunch and a pauper for dinner. Well, it seems like there was some wisdom to this all along. Ensure that you have a full, balanced breakfast that consists of a protein, carbohydrate, dairy and fruit. Your body needs all the energy it can get to meet the day’s challenges head-on. Have a lighter meal for lunch – a salad or some vegetables and a protein and for dinner eat lighter. If you’re cooking for a family, cut down on your usual dinner portion size. Your body certainly does not need a full three-course meal in the evening when your activity levels are slowing down.

Learn how to eat
Your body is not a car. It does not need to be filled up to the maximum and then run down until it is empty – before refilling again. Instead, aim to replenish it with regular healthy snacks between meals. These could include fruit, granola bars, yoghurt, nuts and popcorn. Make sure to keep some snacks on hand so that you’re not tempted to reach out for a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps when you feel your energy levels slumping. Eating three balanced meals a day and two or three snacks will ensure that your blood sugar levels remain balanced and stable.

Stay hydrated
It is crucial to remain hydrated throughout the day, as if we are not, our bodies are pushed into a dangerous spiral that can lead to unexplained fatigue, headaches, muscle aches and the inability to focus. Very few of us manage to consume our recommended daily allowance of water though, and it can be a challenge, especially during the colder months. Try supplementing your water intake with a delicious cold pressed fruit juice to add some spice to your hydration efforts. The Cabala mix from Juzcit, is a delicious and energizing mix of carrot, apple, beetroot and lemon which will keep you well-hydrated and replenished with vitamins for long-lasting energy all day long.

Unwind and let go
It’s a well-known fact that women have a hard time relaxing properly and letting go – and ironically, this is exactly why we battle to perform at our peak levels. Don’t push your body further than it can go and steer clear of sugar-laden energy drinks. Schedule regular time out for yourself to clear your mind and you’ll start to feel like a new person.

Although we – superwomen – might be able to do it all, we have to take care of ourselves so that our energy levels stay high. Pick up the above-mentioned habits to kiss goodbye to sluggish mornings and yawn-filled afternoons.


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