Get the most out of your Juice Cleanse

INNER CONNECT – provides real education, inspiration and growth to those who want to pursue a journey to optimal health.

Here at Juzcit we have strong beliefs around the benefits of doing a juice cleanse for the health of the body and mind. Whilst successfully encouraging people to take up this practice and then enjoying the feedback of people’s results, we too have practiced juicing and cleansing.

Along the way we have learnt that there is a lot more you can be doing to deepen your cleanse by doing other physical and emotional clearing and cleansing.

Since starting our journey of Juzcit, we have met the founders of Inner Connect to whom we have no financial agreement with, but share the same passion to inspire others to detox and live to their full potential. We have learnt through them how to deepen our cleanse using their principles of detoxing and health.

Drinking our cold pressed juice is number one priority as this will feed and nourish your body whilst you detox, with all the varieties of enzymes doing their work to break down toxins and shift them out. Whilst juicing though, you can be escalating your cleanse to a much higher level and shifting deeply embedded heavy metal toxins that could be causing you many health problems.

How do you do this?

You can incorporate your Juzcit cleans packs into a 21 day raw food and juicing cleanse that has all the detox processes explained through coaching with Tami J (co-founder of Inner Connect). You also get daily videos for inspiration and education about doing a heavy metal detox, and so much more, in Inner Connect’s Rawesome Health and Healing Transformations program.

There is also the option of simply get one on one coaching with Tami J or Luke, The Raw Cowboy. They have all the tools for you to use to take your cleanse to an amazing level.

Tami J – 40 & Fabulous!

Visit –

Tami J & Luke, The Raw Cowboy

A Little Info About Inner Connect’s Beliefs.

Inner Connect believes that large societies with an abundance of energy, direction, happiness and stability is possible through bringing society’s focus back to the basic principles of health.

Practicing Inner Connects principals, creates clarity, strength and health that will manifest balance and abundance within your body, relationships, work and home life. Inner Connect do this through juice fasting, eating raw foods, heavy metal detoxing processes, connecting to the breath, using body movement techniques, practicing emotional clearing, trusting intuitive healing and more.

Everywhere today, there are people that are tired, uncomfortable, disconnected, unhappy, hearing the chatter of their minds at a frantic pace that overrules their true needs. Inner Connect believes this first disconnection between the personal body and mind is the start of a social disconnection on a much larger scale.

After Tami J from Inner Connect personally experienced healing her very own chronic illness through juice fasting, she has a strong belief that you can reconnect in these areas of your life through the natural practices that are shared through Inner Connects healing programs.

Inner Connect is a driving force to create reconnection through fun and interactive ways. Bringing awareness and inspiration into peoples lives, by breaking down the confusion around the complex health information and creating a stronger sense of importance for physical and mental health to better ones quality of life.

Tami J and Luke, The Raw Cowboy have a large following in both of their groups on Facebook (Inner Connect and 5 Day Raw Challenge) sharing and inspiring each other to use the benefits of juicing and raw foods in their lives to help create a happy and healthy tribe in a world that needs more inspirational healthy people! Click here to find out more about Tami J and The Raw Cowboys healing journeys and experience ………………

To find out more about their tribes go to their website here and join in the movement of better health through juicing and real foods!

Enjoy making use of us here at Juzcit to make your detoxing program so much easier by us making your juices and have fun learning the ins and outs of deeply detoxing through Inner Connects groups or programs.

Now is the perfect time to create optimal health, so go for it!

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