FAT – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

I feel like there is a massive stigma around FAT! From someone who has come from having no understanding around fat other than a mind-set of “eat fat get fat, there is no such thing as good fat”, to someone who is now using GOOD fats as one of my main energy sources, I feel and see the difference! I can tell you now (I have literally tried this)… A week of eating bad and ugly fats, I feel sluggish, nauseas and bloated, but a week of still eating fats, but this time the good kind, I am full of energy (some days I didn’t even rely on the good ol’ triple shot coffee for a kick), skin is clearer and less oily and next to no bloat (depending on my water intake). Food is literally your body’s fuel!


The awesome thing about good fats is that every single good fat has numerous other benefits, let’s take natures butter for example… Avocado is one of the best fats you can bless your body with, and the most versatile in my eyes (you can make guacamole, smoothies, desserts and even face masks with it!). But let’s talk about the crazy perks of this beautiful fruit, we have improved heart health, lower risk of metabolic syndrome, healthy skin, eyes and hair, cancer prevention, helps with weight loss, better digestive health, protection from insulin resistance and diabetes and better hormonal balance and cognitive function. What more could you want from a piece of fruit?!

I recently listened to a Tony Robbins Podcast Featuring Dave Asprey, Dave basically talks about using good fats as our main energy source (instead of heavy carbohydrates) which I believe is known as the Keto diet, someone close to me is actually doing this style of diet right now and they have been full of beans since doing so, which genuinely surprised me! In the Podcast Dave also spoke about how the fats we consume are used to build cell membranes which is the outer layer of the cell and basically explains how the fats we consume affects the quality of the cell (good fats = good cell – bad fats = bad cell), it’s not rocket science… Well when dummied down like that it’s not…

So, what are some good fats that our bodies CRAVE?


Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Nut Oil


Almonds and other nuts such as Walnuts and Cashews


The bad?

Those Low Fat Ready-Meals (whilst they claim to be low in fat, they usually have trans fats in them to pro-long the shelf life)

Saturated Fats (usually found in most animal products such as milk, cheese, meat, etc.) these need to be eaten in moderation, but are not as bad as trans fats as these are a natural fat.

And the ugly?

As much as I hate to say it… Doughnuts

Fast Foods


And all of those other naughty foods you probably love!

So PLEASE don’t feel guilty for feeding your beautiful body with the RIGHT good fats!







Tony Robbins Podcast with Dave Aspley

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