Ep. 9 Interview With Ben Bowler

Ben Bowler

This week, I have interviewed Ben Bowler. Ben is the Executive director of Unity Earth and the CEO of World Weavers and is behind the launch of the inaugural “Fields of Healing: A Journey of Awakening” event hosted by Unity Earth Nov 24-25th at the North Byron Bay Parklands.  He is a unity-activist and spiritual entrepreneur and a writer for Huffington Post.



Ben has a fascinating story, this is from his Bio on the World Weavers website – “Ben Bowler is a serial entrepreneur with a background in sales and marketing. In 2006 he and his wife Jildou moved to Thailand to volunteer along the Thai-Burma border. In 2008 together they founded Blood Foundation, a local NGO focusing on education projects along the border and advocacy. In 2008 Ben founded the innovative Monk for a Month temple-stay program in Chiang Mai province offering men and women from around the world the opportunity to experience Thai temple life and temporary ordination. In 2010 Ben launched Muslim for a Month in Turkey offering guests first-hand experience of Turkish Islam and Sufism, underneath the spiritually inclusive banner of Rumi. In 2011 Ben launched World Weavers, a brand that today operates spiritual immersion programs in Tibetan India, Nepal, Cambodia and Ethiopia. In October 2015 at the Parliament of World’ Religions Ben launched 1GOD.com, an online platform aimed at countering religious fundamentalism, relativism and western materialism.

Ben is a Social-Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the prestigious INSEAD business School and a blogger for the Huffington Post. In his spare time he sells the world’s best cookware and enjoys playing cricket with his two young children.”

During this interview, Ben shares his journey into launching World Weavers, Unity Earth and all of the connections he has made along the way that lead to the event 12 months ago for the return of Mungo Man back to his ancestral burial ground. Ben’s father, geologist Jim Bowler, found Mungo Man over 40 years ago so Ben’s connection to this ceremony ran deep. This ceremony of Unity and Healing has lead into the Fields of Healing event in that it follows on in exploring the experience of intercultural healing, as well as offering ecological, spiritual, emotional and physical healing.

Ben shares his personal relationship with food, health & the Earth in that it is a learning journey for him. The Fields of Healing event is an alcohol free event that will offer a choice of foods for a variety of preferences and bring the local food culture into the event.
Ben’s journey to bring peace and unity to Earth is deep and moving. We wrap up the interview with the things that Ben would share with someone wanting to find more peace, love and connection in their lives.

Ben’s response – Everyone needs to find their own way to connect – go out in nature, try different things, have another look at how to find your own connections. Try something new.

I hope you enjoy 😊❤️🌏

Link for tickets to Fields of Healing – https://fieldsofhealing.com.au/register/

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