Ep. 8 Interview With Fiona Galloway

Fiona Galloway

This week I interviewed Fiona Galloway, founder of Nourished Space, plant-based chef trained by Matthew Kenny in New York, Heart of Yoga teacher, Breathwork facilitator and co-founder/facilitator of The Art of Wellness 5 day retreat in Byron Bay, the first retreat running in October 2018.


In the interview, Fiona shares her journey from a world of corporate success to how she found herself living in the Byron Bay hinterland in a beautiful home on acreage that does not have any Internet. The vast difference coming from a major upheaval in her life with a relationship breakdown, Fiona travelled to New York, Peru, Thailand and Bali in search of learning, healing and growing.

Watch a short snippet of the interview here:


Fiona’s biggest struggle that she finds with her personal health is reversing the years of damage that a corporate life can impart. She juice cleanses regularly and would love to do more cleansing. She has done some long cleanses and shares what that was like for her and how by cleansing she gets clarity in her mind for the work she wants to do.

Fiona shares what wisdom she would impart as a seasoned juice cleanser to someone who is considering doing a juice cleanse that the most important thing to do is to prepare yourself for the cleanse and give yourself some space to rest and recover during your cleanse.

Fiona Galloway is one of four beautiful woman who have joined together to bring about The Art of Wellness Retreat being running in the Byron Bay hinterland from the 5th to the 9th of October, 2018.   From their website – “This is a journey for women of all ages: a journey from contraction to expansion, from healing to pleasure, from hurt and disconnection to joy and from suppressed emotions to healthy self-expression. We will rewrite the “not enough” self-dialogue that one speaks in the stillness to “more than enough”. We will increase our inner vibrancy by walking our path in life consciously and confidently. We learn how we attract what we want to invite into our lives and accept fully how we see ourselves and how we are seen in the world.”

I will be joining Fiona on the Sunday of the retreat to present a workshop on making your own probiotic Kombucha and Water Kefir at home.   I hope to see you there!!!

We wrap up the interview with Fiona sharing 5 steps to bring more love, peace and happiness into your life.

Step 1 – Say yes more often

Step 2 – Practice the art of participation in life

Step 3 – Don’t take life too seriously

Step 4 – Take the time to breath

Step 5 – Allow yourself space

The interview was super fun and I learned a lot about my beautiful friend, it was a privilege to have this conversation. I hope you enjoy!


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