Ep. 19 Interview with Amanda Fullam – Founder of @theprettinessproject & Interior Designer

Amanda Fullam

For episode 19 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat with Amanda Fullam.  Amanda came to chat about life and following her dreams by experiencing a creative rebirth and starting her instagram profile – @theprettinessproject, her fledgling business that she want to move from doing interior design to impact on more peoples lives. 

Amanda and I met doing a personal development workshop and after chatting to her at the workshop I really wanted to chat to her on this podcast as she told me how she started her instagram profile @theprettinessproject from reconnecting with her feminine side and her creativity to experience a creative rebirth. The result was Amanda’s discovery of a community of people who loved lettering in May, she started researching how to do wedding and event signage and lettering art and has grown her online following from 800 people to 2,000 in 1 month by giving away hints and tutorials on Instagram for free.  She really wanted to create great content and add lots of value to the people who want to learn the skills that she has.

Amanda is someone to follow if you want to learn how to engage and get followers on instagram and she has done it in a simplified low cost way.  Amanda also shares her insights into peoples lives particularly from a masculine and feminine perspective. When at Uni, Amanda studied psychology before deciding to go into interior design so she has a very unique perspective and opportunity to combine her understanding of people with their interaction with their outside world at home.

In our chat Amanda shares some great books that I have referenced and linked below.

To see the whole story watch the Vlog here-

Or listen to the podcast here –

The Four Agreements – Don Miguel, Jr. Ruiz

Return to Love Workshop: The Basics of A Course in Miracles – Marianne Williamson

Conversations with God – Neil Donald Walsh

Secrets About Life Every Woman Should Know – Beverly De Anglisis

Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

The Path to Love – Deepak Chopra

Enjoy ???

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