Ep. 18 Three Women on an Extended Water Fast

Water fast

For episode 18 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat about the extended water fast that I did with 2 friends. I have compiled a series of video clips of the 2 weeks where we went for a float session, got a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage, went out on the town with friends, worked and generally did nearly everything I would normally do over a 2 week period, just without food.


The general reaction Jo, Kelly and I got when we talked about our extended water fast was one of incredulity and disbelief.  Jo completed a 21 day water fast and Kelly and I did 14 days. We are still alive, no one fainted, we all worked and socialised during our fast. We all lost quite a bit of toxic fat from our bodies (I think we were all around 9kg’s) but it wasn’t for the weight loss that we did this.

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