Ep. 17 Interview with Sarah McCrum: Co-founder of Love To, Chinese Energy coach and Entrepreneur Coach

Sarah McCrum

For episode 17 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat with Sarah McCrum: Co-founder of Love To, Chinese Energy coach and Entrepreneur/Game Changer Coach.

Sarah McCrum has had a wide and varied background that has taken her around the world and landed her on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  Many years ago, Sarah started as a Teacher but didn’t fit so ended up at the BBC specialised in interviewing children for the BBC and their questions really instigated her quest for answers to why we are here in this life.  Her quest took her on a journey where she studied energy under 2 Chinese masters for 22 years.  These studies led her from New Zealand to Queensland.  She is the a co-founder of Love To, runs her own Entrepreneur coaching business with unique programs such as Energy activations, Game Changers and Consciousness of Money.  She is also the author of the books Love Money, Money Loves You and Energy On Demand: Master Your Personal Energy and Never Burn Out.

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Sarah is my energy coach and is an investor in Juzcit through her company Love To. We meet every week and most days I do her daily energy activations.  I am now doing her first online version of the Consciousness of Money program and I am a part of her group of Game Changers.  Sarah describes Love To as a business that is about changing the way we work and the way we produce food. The core of the mission of Love To is to be feeding 1 billion people per day from food that is really good quality, locally produced by small business and by business owners who really care. This is very different to the way big corporations mass produce food today. Most businesses get big by turning into big corporations whereas Love To is going to grow by creating clusters of small businesses sharing facilities and resources, creating a system that can then be replicated anywhere in the world.   These small businesses will always improve the environment and  will make food that can support people to be healthier and happier.  This will then create a business environment and a community environment that is supportive, cooperative and creating social improvement with profitable small businesses. It’s a win-win-win approach.


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The other businesses that Sarah runs is Sarah McCrum.com which holds a banner over her Energy activations, Game Changers and Consciousness of Money. All of these programs link together through the mission of how we live and creating a better world. Sarah provides a bunch of services to help people do better in business and have a better life. Sarah starts her day at 5am with a live recording of an energy activation. The thing about an energy activation is that it is similar to a meditation with a topic. The topic changes every day for example, how to love yourself or how to calm a busy mind. Sarah has done more than one thousand of them. The activation is an activation of something inside you, for example, if the topic is How do you love yourself, through the activation, Sarah wakes a part of you up with this energy. Over time and over many topics, each activation wakes up another area inside you. It is like planting a seed in a garden inside yourself and every morning your activation is watering the seed by relaxing and creating a nice environment for the seeds. This is like going to the gym for your consciousness.  To listen to the rest of the vlog/podcast, click on the links above.


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