Ep. 14 Interview with Mikhailla from Wholeheartedly

Mikhailla - Wholeheartedly

For episode 14 of “Let’s Talk About..” I have a chat with Mikhailla from Wholeheartedly.

Mikhailla is a twenty four year old, a second time business owner, a bachelor of business marketing graduate and mum of two with one in heaven and one on earth. Mikhailla has spent a lot of my free time writing from the pain of her loss, her current reality; and sharing a wholehearted perspective on how easy it is to eat good food!

Most businesses are born through solving a problem. That is how Wholeheartedly was born and the launch of her Pregnancy & Mamahood Recipe eBook after a 10 month pregnancy with her son gaining 20kg she was determined to fuel her body with good food again without diets and wanted to show others that you don’t need to diet to lose weight. You just need to know the right ingredients to get creative with.

Mikhailla focuses strongly on ‘feeling good’ in all avenues of her life. Even through pain, there is still so much beauty in this world and our mind is a powerful tool in what we do with our life. Mikhailla focuses strongly on having a good relationship with EVERYTHING. Food, friends, family and most importantly herself.

On grief and loss, Mikhailla shares that if you are going through the pain of loosing a baby, reach out, get support and talk. Mikhailla is a birth Doula in training and wants to support mothers during pregnancy to get the best possible experience during this amazing time.  A Birth Doula is someone who offers emotional and physical support to a woman and her partner before, during and after childbirth.

On Mikhailla’s experience of doing a juice cleanse while breastfeeding, she shares that she supplemented her juices with small meals and noticed that she had plenty of breast milk during the cleanse. She thinks that the extra hydration had an impact on the breast milk.

Enjoy 💕🥗🙏

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