Ep. 12 Interview With Naomi Berg – Founder of Purple Skirt, PT & Wellness coach

Naomi Berg

For episode 12 of “Let’s Talk About..” I have interviewed Naomi Berg. Naomi is Founder of Purple Skirt a qualified PT and wellness coach, a mum and a facilitator of wellness retreats and workshops. Naomi brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience into getting breakthroughs for her clients from a holistic approach of emotional and physical wellness rather than the traditional PT training methods more common today.

Naomi has been a personal trainer for 16 years.  In this episode, Naomi shares her journey from learning ‘traditional’ personal training methods and ‘traditional’ university training (Naomi has completed a degree in exercise science) to understanding from her own life that something was missing.  She has competed in high level sports and wanted to really understand her body. She trained hard, calorie counted and pushed her body until it failed her.

The failure of her body and getting sick really started Naomi’s journey into looking at alternative training methods and changing her training methods.  She started understanding that her emotions were having an impact on her training and her traditional training methods really ignored these emotions. Naomi has competed in body comp’s and been at single digit % body fat so knows how to take her body to the extreme but now understands the damage that she has done to herself.

Naomi has had to learn how to say no, she has learned how to get in touch with her body, and learned how to listen to her body and now she supports her clients to learn the same thing.

Naomi started Purple Skirt when she wanted to ‘re-brand’ herself from being a personal trainer to being a wellness coach.  She has realised that the world of ‘wellness coaching’ is very unregulated and is open to a lot of interpretation however she brings a wealth of knowledge and an extremely high level of integrity to her coaching.  She also believes that there is a shift in society that people will need to take more personal responsibility for their outcomes when it comes to health, wellness and wellness coaching.

Naomi shares how text books that she learned from at Uni are very out of date now and feels that the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to heath and wellness has to change.  Naomi listens to her body & her clients in a way where there are levels of messages that you can listen to to prevent having a severe illness event.

Naomi works exclusively with women as that is her greatest passion. She believes that womens biggest issue right now with wellness is women allowing themselves or giving themselves permission to speak their truth that will start a level of vibration that will allow women to get what they really want in their life.  Naomi supports her clients to ‘unlearn’ societal expectations so that they can discover what they really want in their life from an authentic place.

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