Ep. 11 Interview With Bianca Maree Harrington – Accredited Practicing Dietician, Founder of Bee Free Living & Co-Founder of Balanced Bellas

Bianca Maree Harrington

For episode 11 of “Let’s Talk About..” I have interviewed Bianca Maree Harrington. Bianca is an accredited practicing dietician, Founder of Bee Free Living & Co-Founder of Balanced Bellas.  Bianca shares her journey from one of severe illness to wellness.


Bianca Maree is an accredited practicing dietitian who has been working within the health industry for 6 years as of November! Bianca initially started out wanting to become a dietitian after suffering from an eating disorder in her late teens, very early 20’s and wanted to inspire others – women especially – to heal their relationship with food.  Life is not without its curveballs, or universal blessings as Bianca likes to call them, which saw her contract meningococcal meningitis in her first year of university.  As a result of all the antibiotics and medications she was required to take to heal the infection, this resulted in significant damage to her digestive system which then saw her suffering from a string of food intolerances, which is how she found herself, vested in the gut health industry.

Bianca worked as a private practice weight loss dietician for many years, before decided to go out on her own in October 2016. She has since started her own private practice clinic Bee Free Living Dietetics where she specialises in gut health & in food intolerance management.

More recently this year she launched a preventative, holistic health program specifically for women called Balanced Bellas.  This program is a online wellness coaching platform where a team of wellness coaches share a vision to inspire women around the world to start taking control of their health.

As a result of Bianca’s experience of journeying from eating disorders to severe illness while suffering from the after-effects of meningococcal meningitis she has learned much about her own body and how to rebalance her gut. She shares how she uses her private practice to support people with food intolerances and weight management issues with one-on-one consultations and then Balanced Bellas to reach more people by providing a fully online program.  They have tailored programs to support women to reach their individual health goals.

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