Cold Pressed Juice Cocktail Recipes to Start your Weekend in Delicious Style

Cold Pressed Juice Cocktails

Juzcit Kitchen Manager, Nikki shares her story of changing over from traditional juice and soda mixers to Cold Pressed Juice for her weekend social nights.


I used to feel as though hangovers were inevitable after a night on the drink, whether it was just over-tired with a sore head or head-first in a toilet bowl at my mates house asking myself why I had that last shot of tequila before getting up and dancing on the podium at my fave club thinking I’m Beyoncé’.


At 23 years old, I love a sneaky wine or cocktail to celebrate the weekend, but I have never loved the aftermath, ugh! Being in bed the next day, binge eating junk food and sculling PowerAde and Hydrolyte in a desperate attempt to feel somewhat alive again! That oh so familiar “NEVER drinking again” feeling. Not any more.


For the last year I’ve worked at Juzcit, so I’ve been lucky enough to have Cold Pressed Juice (CPJ) and Probiotic drinks, Kombucha and Water Kefir at my finger tips, so naturally that’s what I reach for now to mix with my Vodka or whatever poison I’ve chosen 😉 My body literally craves it now whether as a mixer or before the night out to prepare and reduce the severity of the coming hangover.


I was having a conversation with my friend the other week. She has some pretty serious digestive issues and we had a night out coming up. I suggested that instead of the normal rubbish we would drink we should try and make some Cold Pressed cocktails! After all, it didn’t make sense to me to load our bodies with artificial sugars, flavours and other nasties just because we were having a drink or 3! Especially when I try and avoid that stuff every day, but as soon as happy hour starts I would go straight for the cheap vodka-orange or premixed vodka-soda (yuck!). There’s only one downfall to the cocktails we tried, they’re so yummy we easily drank more than recommended (whoops)…


Something I struggled with for a while whenever I drank alcohol is bloating. I’ve noticed that I don’t get so bloated when I drink CPJ whereas I would usually look 3 months preggers when all I drank was the fake OJ and sodas all night.


I swear on my beautiful cat, since changing over to CPJ and probiotics, my sugar cravings and the constant urge to binge on junk the following day is dramatically less! I don’t really know the smarts behind why, but all I know is that it works for me, so it will probably work for you, too, because a huge factor to a hangover is the crap you’re putting into your body, not just the alcohol itself.


Love Nikki xxx


Making Cold Pressed Juice Cocktails is so easy too!!  I don’t own a proper shaker so I just used one of my protein shakers and a sieve from the kitchen.  They worked wonders!!


Cocktail Shaker


Pouring Cocktails


If you’re keen to jump on the Cold Pressed Cocktail bandwagon, here are some recipes that we tried and tested!


Espresso Martini Cocktail Recipe

Espresso Martini Recipe


200ml Cold Brew Coffee

30ml Kahlua

30ml Vodka


Pour ingredients into a shaker over ice. Shake vigorously then strain into martini glass. Top with roasted coffee beans to make it look schmick!


Chocolate Mudshake Cocktail Recipe

Chocolate Mudshake Recipe


200ml Chocolate Cashew Milk

30ml Kahlua

30ml Baileys Liqueur

¼ tsp Cacao


Pour ingredients (except cacao powder) into a shaker over ice. Shake vigorously then strain into martini glass. Top with cacao powder to make it look expert level.


Sunset Paradise Recipe


300ml Cold Pressed Orange Juice

30ml Cold Pressed Strawberry Juice

30ml Vodka

Sprig of mint


Pour vodka and orange juice over ice in large glass. Gently pour strawberry juice over the top. Garnish with mint.


Turquoise Gem Cocktail Recipe


Turquoise Gem Recipe


300ml Cold Pressed Orange Juice

30ml Vodka

30ml Blue Curacao

Sprig of mint


Pour vodka and orange juice over ice in large glass. Gently pour Blue Curacao over the top. Garnish with mint.




Happy Juicing Love Michelle

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