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Kombucha VS Kefir . . . Who wins?

For a while now we at Juzcit have been producing both Kombucha and Kefir drinks. It’s such a joy to see this process come together and watching as the rich teas and drinks mature to become one of the best sources of probiotics that we know. Experimenting with using different bases and adding different final flavoring processes at the end … Read More

Top 5 Reasons Why Vegans Save the World

Up until recently I was still an omnivore, but only just. I was naturally moving toward eating less and less meat through the lifestyle I was living however, I was bought up strongly indoctrinated that people need to eat meat or they cannot be healthy. My mum put a good hearty meal of meat and three veg on the table … Read More

Get the most out of your Juice Cleanse

INNER CONNECT – provides real education, inspiration and growth to those who want to pursue a journey to optimal health. Here at Juzcit we have strong beliefs around the benefits of doing a juice cleanse for the health of the body and mind. Whilst successfully encouraging people to take up this practice and then enjoying the feedback of people’s results, … Read More

5 simple ways to increase fruit and vegetable consumption

Most people want to be healthy, but the pressures of everyday life and business can keep you constantly on the go. How many times have you snacked on a diet bar between business meetings? How many times a week do you take supplements to try to make up for a poor diet?  Increase fruit and vegetable intake with just a few small changes … Read More

Women on the run don’t have to eat junk

Are you finding yourself juggling a super-busy schedule? So many of us find ourselves on this constant treadmill and unfortunately, the chances are that very few of us are eating properly and looking after our health. Let’s face it, it’s all too easy to grab a coffee on the go in the mornings, tuck into a burger at lunchtime and … Read More

Getting on top and staying on top

How to Get to and Maintain Your Optimal Level of Performance You know the feeling… it’s nearly time to shut down at the office and all you want to do is get home to some comfort food and crawl into bed. Instead, your diary is telling you to hit the gym and then dash off to a dinner with friends … Read More

5 simple ways to get your 5 a day

We all want to stay healthy and try to be careful about what we eat, but often the pressures of everyday life, parenting, and work, put paid to our best intentions. And although we’ve been taught since young that we need our five-a-day quota of fruit and veggies,for most of us that just doesn’t happen. Instead we rely on expensive … Read More

Bounce Back after one too many cheat days

We’ve all been there: after a great week of eating healthily (and looking the other way when so-and-so in the office does the doughnut and coffee run),the weekend hits. And the eating plan flies out the window. You may have had just one too many helpings of that creamy coleslaw at the barbecue… which would have been fine if you … Read More