5 Day Gut Detox Guide

5 Day Gut Detox Prep

Your gut health is commonly referred to as your second brain and is the crux of your overall mental and physical health, which is why taking serious care of your gut is so important. With cleanses, going from exposing your body to numerous toxins from caffeine, alcohol, gluten, preservatives and refined sugar to a complete and immediate stop can result in some pretty uncomfortable symptoms due to the shock on your beautiful body. While some people experience flu like symptoms from the detox process others may get a slight to a sever headache. To minimise these symptoms, it is recommended that you ease yourself into the detox process. Download your Free 5 Day Guide Here

Ep. 14 Interview with Mikhailla from Wholeheartedly

Mikhailla - Wholeheartedly

For episode 14 of “Let’s Talk About..” I have a chat with Mikhailla from Wholeheartedly. Mikhailla is a twenty four year old, a second time business owner, a bachelor of business marketing graduate and mum of two with one in heaven and one on earth. Mikhailla has spent a lot of my free time writing from the pain of her loss, her current reality; and sharing a wholehearted perspective on how easy it is to eat good food!

Ep. 13 Celery Juice, Worm Juice & Meditations

Celery juice

For episode 13of “Let’s Talk About..” I have a chat about celery juice, worm juice and meditations. According to the Medical Medium it is most beneficial to drink about 500ml of celery juice per day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Worm juice – No you don’t drink it. It is an amazing organic fertiliser that helps improve soil microbiota and helps improve your plants immune system to fend off disease. And I share my favourite meditation techniques that help to calm down my noisy mind and get me back to sleep.

Ep. 12 Interview With Naomi Berg – Founder of Purple Skirt, PT & Wellness coach

Naomi Berg

For episode 12 of “Let’s Talk About..” I have interviewed Naomi Berg. Naomi is Founder of Purple Skirt a qualified PT and wellness coach, a mum and a facilitator of wellness retreats and workshops. Naomi brings a wealth of knowledge and personal experience into getting breakthroughs for her clients from a holistic approach of emotional and physical wellness rather than the traditional PT training methods more common today.

Ep. 11 Interview With Bianca Maree Harrington – Accredited Practicing Dietician, Founder of Bee Free Living & Co-Founder of Balanced Bellas

Bianca Maree Harrington

For episode 11 of “Let’s Talk About..” I have interviewed Bianca Maree Harrington. Bianca is an accredited practicing dietician, Founder of Bee Free Living & Co-Founder of Balanced Bellas.  Bianca shares her journey from one of eating disorders to severe illness to wellness. Bianca Maree is an accredited practicing dietitian who has been working within the health industry for 6 years as of November! Bianca initially started out wanting to become a dietitian after suffering from an eating disorder in her late teens, very early 20’s and wanted to inspire others – women especially – to heal their relationship with food.

Natural Sun Safety Tips – Get Ready to Get Back Out in the Sun

Natural sun safety tips

I learnt how to care for my skin from my Grandma. She is a very lily white skinned English woman who came to Australia when she was about 10 years old. She prided herself on her beautiful soft white skin. Grandma grew up and spent most of her adult life in far north Queensland either on the coast or out in the dessert. She loved the outdoors (she is too old now to get out). She had a beautiful big flower garden that she tended nearly every day to grow flowers for her church. So she was out in the harsh hot sun most days.
She never used commercial sunscreens. Find out why.

How to do a Juice Fast

How to do a Juice Fast

This week’s blog is a brand new Vlog on our Juzcit You Tube Channel 🙂 

The vlog covers questions that I often get about how to do a cleanse, how to order, which cleanse to choose, how long to cleanse for and why to do a cleanse.  

If you have been thinking of cleansing and have been hesitating because you are unsure of the whole process, watch this vid. 

How Juice Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight Permanently

How Juice Fasting Can Help You Lose Weight Permanently

Do you want to know how a cold pressed juice fast can help you lose weight permanently?

I watched a You Tube video on someone who claimed to be doing a 5 day juice cleanse to test out what it would feel like and review it on her You Tube channel. I was left feeling totally frustrated because the You Tuber didn’t even make it through one day of the cleanse, then she proceeded to bag the shit out of juice cleansing as a “Fad” diet that is dangerous and just should not be done. The worst thing about this is that anyone with questions about the validity of juice fasting to lose weight is being misdirected and misinformed by someone who is totally clueless.

The Switch – How to Milk a Nut

How to milk a nut

I have never been officially diagnosed as dairy intolerant, I just don’t like how my body feels after consuming dairy milk… For me it’s more of a ‘listen to your body’ thing. Dairy milk has never really been my thing, I don’t like the taste and it has always made me feel bloated and off after drinking it. So now I drink nut milk and I thought you guys might like to know more about why to switch and how to milk a nut…

Top Five Tips To Improve Your Skin

crocodile skin

So do you want to know how to get healthier looking skin for yourself? These are my top 5 tips to get truly radiant, healthy skin and includes a free recipe for an awesome Orange Peel Face Scrub