Ep. 19 Interview with Amanda Fullam – Founder of @theprettinessproject & Interior Designer

Amanda Fullam

For episode 19 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat with Amanda Fullam.  Amanda came to chat about life and following her dreams by experiencing a creative rebirth and starting her instagram profile – @theprettinessproject, her fledgling business that she want to move from doing interior design to impact on more peoples lives. 
Amanda and I met doing a personal development workshop and after chatting to her at the workshop I really wanted to chat to her on this podcast as she told me how she started her instagram profile @theprettinessproject from reconnecting with her feminine side and her creativity to experience a creative rebirth. The result was Amanda’s discovery of a community of people who loved lettering in May, she started researching how to do wedding and event signage and lettering art and has grown her online following from 800 people to 2,000 in 1 month by giving away hints and tutorials on Instagram for free. 

Ep. 18 Three Women on an Extended Water Fast

Water fast

For episode 18 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat about the extended water fast that I did with 2 friends. I have compiled a series of video clips of the 2 weeks where we went for a float session, got a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage, went out on the town with friends, worked and generally did nearly everything I would normally do over a 2 week period, just without food. The general reaction Jo, Kelly and I got when we talked about our extended water fast was one of incredulity and disbelief.  Jo completed a 21 day water fast and Kelly and I did 14 days. We are still alive, no one fainted, we all worked and socialised during our fast. We all lost quite a bit of toxic fat from our bodies (I think we were all around 9kg’s) but it wasn’t for the weight loss that we did this.

Ep. 17 Interview with Sarah McCrum: Co-founder of Love To, Chinese Energy coach and Entrepreneur Coach

Sarah McCrum

For episode 17 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat with Sarah McCrum: Co-founder of Love To, Chinese Energy coach and Entrepreneur/Game Changer Coach.
Sarah McCrum has had a wide and varied background that has taken her around the world and landed her on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  Many years ago, Sarah started as a Teacher but didn’t fit so ended up at the BBC specialised in interviewing children for the BBC and their questions really instigated her quest for answers to why we are here in this life.  Her quest took her on a journey where she studied energy under 2 Chinese masters for 22 years.  These studies led her from New Zealand to Queensland.  She is the a co-founder of Love To, runs her own Entrepreneur coaching business with unique programs such as Energy activations, Game Changers and Consciousness of Money.  She is also the author of the book Love Money, Money Loves You.

Ep. 16 Nutritional Psychology: A New Realm of Research

Nutritional Psychology

For episode 16 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat about Nutritional Psychology and the link between physical and mental health.
I want to delve into something close and personal to my heart and that is the research around nutritional psychology. My older sister experienced a psychotic episode a few years ago resulting in her being diagnosed with psychosis, depression and PTSD. She was quite heavily medicated to start with but over the last 4 years she has been working on getting well and is now on the lowest dose possible of anti-psychosis medication possible.  Angie (my sister) has just written a book about her experience and her journey to recovery – (download it here). Angie talks a bit in the book about my role in her road to recovery.

5 Quick Tips to Pattern Interrupt Your Monkey Brain

5 Quick Tips to Pattern Interrupt Your Monkey Brain

This is so relevant to me right now! I’m totally out of my comfort zone, putting myself out there in ways I would not even consider possible 12 months ago but it comes at a cost. Every time I take another step into the unknown, my monkey brain goes into fight/flight mode, my stress levels skyrocket and my health starts to deteriorate before my very eyes. I have woken up having heart palpitations and I feel myself trying to implement more “rules” in my life so I can regain my internal feeling of control.

I could easily let this spiral out of control. That is why I have been using a few tools to pattern interrupting myself to bring me back to center, reduce my overall stress and improve my health.

So, I thought I would see if I could make life easier for the people out there who want to make and amazing Christmas feast for their families without the hassle of working it all out for themselves.

Mood Foods – The Best Foods to Make you Happy

The Best Foods to Make you Happy

Have you ever been in a foul mood and not really know why? I know I have. I have found myself on occassion just feeling irritated by the smallest things., things that would never normally get under my skin and I have been left wondering why after I have a bit of a ‘fly off the handle’ moment.

What if the cause of your mood is not actually external but is internal? What if your bad mood is actually caused by your body’s response to an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain due to your food choices?

Top 5 Tips for Overcoming Social Anxiety

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Signs of social anxiety include feeling an intense fear of social situations, worrying about them a lot beforehand or avoiding them all together. These are the top 5 tools I have used and still use to overcome social anxiety and have a much healthier relationship with alcohol as a result.