Bounce Back after one too many cheat days

We’ve all been there: after a great week of eating healthily (and looking the other way when so-and-so in the office does the doughnut and coffee run),the weekend hits. And the eating plan flies out the window.

You may have had just one too many helpings of that creamy coleslaw at the barbecue… which would have been fine if you had turned down the chocolate brownie and extra glass of wine your hosts tempted you with. Instead you went for broke and went overboard at the family Sunday lunch too and then topped that off with some cheesecake for late afternoon dessert. You’ve messed up anyway, so may as well go the whole hog, right? Wrong.

Changing your mindset
The truth is that no ‘diet’ is sustainable. Following a healthy way of eating requires you to have a complete shift in mindset. Try following an 80/20 rule and you’ll be able to find some balance and a happy medium that you can incorporate into your lifestyle.

Follow your healthy eating plan during the week (this would be your 80%) when you are in complete control of your meals. And when the weekend rolls around, by all means relax and indulge a bit. There is nothing worse than being in a social environment and being the one on diet. By allowing yourself some indulgences for 20% of your week you’ll avoid feelings of deprivation and the subsequent cravings, possible bingesand the inevitable guilt that follows.

This cycle of deprivation – cravings -binging -guilt, is such a common cycle for many of us to fall into and probably the most common reason ‘diets’ fail. Just remember to keep up your water intake and get straight back on track when the weekend is over. Don’t allow your cheat day (or days) to become a cheat week!

Steer clear of that scale
Do NOT weigh yourself after a binge. You’ll notice a change in weight, but that increase is merely a reflection of the increased amounts of water your body is clinging on to. The body retains excess amount of water after it consumed too many carbohydrates and sodium. Step away and get on with the business of eating more fruit, veggies and protein that will help flush your system.

Boost your fruit and veggie intake
Snap straight back onto your eating plan by taking control of your meals in the next few days. And no matter what goal you’re working towards – whether you’re trying to lose some weight, re-energize and revitalize, or simply want to adopt a healthier lifestyle – you’re going to need to up your intake of fruit and veggies.

If you find it difficult to do this while at the office, opt for one of Juzcit’s great fresh cold pressed juices. The Loaded and Oomph varieties especially, are packed with great cleansing fruits and veg and are just what you need after a few days of excessive indulgences.

Let’s face it; very few of us will be packing some spinach, cucumber, celery and mint into our lunch boxes. Drinking cold pressed juices is an easy and convenient way to meet your 5-a-day veggie quota.

As a busy person, it’s no easy feat looking after our health and withstanding the pressures to fit into society’s ideal image of what we should look like. But once you’ve decided to embark on a healthy lifestyle for your own well-being, embrace the journey in a holistic and balanced way. Do it for yourself. Ditch the guilt and by all means enjoy your occasional treat – just be sure to get straight back onto the wagon the next day!

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