happy saint paddy’s day lovers!!

Green Saint Patricks Day Juice

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day Lovers!! In the spirit of Saint Paddy’s Day I went and painted my nails sparkly green. They look so cool. Did you know that Saint Paddy’s day is a feast day where the restrictions on eating and drinking alcohol are traditionally lifted since it is in the middle of Lent (the traditional fasting time for Christians)? … Read More

how i faked being healthy

Only a few years ago I was filling my body with an insane amount of toxins every day and was pretty oblivious to my actions. I wasn’t totally unaware but I was pretty ignorant of not only the long term impact I was having on my body but the short –term, more insidious effects that were harder to pinpoint to … Read More

3 Simple Ways Stay Lean Over Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner!! Last Christmas on Christmas Eve, I felt like my body was in full crisis mode. I was stressed out and exhausted. I had started my first business, Juzcit – A Cold Pressed Juice Bar – in the Logan Hyperdome Shopping Center and after only 6 months of trading, I knew it was not working … Read More

Is Your Medicine Killing You?

Are  You Living Life? According to Centre For Disease Control & Institute of Medicine the #3 cause of death is through Medical Error. We now live (for the majority) in a pill popping culture where the fastest ‘cure’ is what we seek and indeed ask for as the ‘fast pace’ of our lives demands we get back in the race … Read More

Why do you eat what you eat?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? I have, many times and it took me a while to actually be able to find some answers. I am not saying that I have all of the answers; however, I certainly have developed a deeper awareness in myself so that I’m not totally oblivious any more. It actually started one day when … Read More

Kombucha VS Kefir . . . Who wins?

For a while now we at Juzcit have been producing both Kombucha and Kefir drinks. It’s such a joy to see this process come together and watching as the rich teas and drinks mature to become one of the best sources of probiotics that we know. Experimenting with using different bases and adding different final flavoring processes at the end … Read More

Top 5 Reasons Why Vegans Save the World

Up until recently I was still an omnivore, but only just. I was naturally moving toward eating less and less meat through the lifestyle I was living however, I was bought up strongly indoctrinated that people need to eat meat or they cannot be healthy. My mum put a good hearty meal of meat and three veg on the table … Read More

how toxic are you?

Toxins, such a vague overused word. How about we call them by their everyday names. Let’s start with the external ones that get into your body like car exhaust fumes, 1st or 2nd hand cigarette smoke, heavy metals from food and or water contamination, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, pesticides, chemical preservatives and additives in processed foods and chemicals in our cosmetics … Read More

Get the most out of your Juice Cleanse

INNER CONNECT – provides real education, inspiration and growth to those who want to pursue a journey to optimal health. Here at Juzcit we have strong beliefs around the benefits of doing a juice cleanse for the health of the body and mind. Whilst successfully encouraging people to take up this practice and then enjoying the feedback of people’s results, … Read More