Bianca Maree – Accredited Dietitian

My name is Bianca Maree, and I am an Accredited Dietitian who has been practicing clinical dietetics since 2012. In more recent years, I have moved into the world of alternative medicine to improve the outcomes of my clients’ using holistic practices and natural therapies. The area I am most passionate about is improving digestive health as this is an area I, myself personally, have struggled with for a number of years. Suffering from digestive discomfort can be a debilitating, as I have come to appreciate both from a personal and professional perspective.

The foods we choose to fuel our bodies’ with, alcohol, medications, the products we use and surround ourselves with in our every day environments cause a significant impact on our health – particularly our gut health. Yes our body has its’ innate detoxification systems through our lungs, kidneys, skin and bowels – but the rate at which we expose our bodies’ to this toxins is usually in excess of what we can cope with on a day to day basis. Toxins accumulate and get stored in our bodies’ fat cells – making in increasingly difficult for some people to lose weight. This also can exacerbate disease states in the body which in turn increases the rate of ill health amongst our communities.

Cold press juicing is a great way to support total body health as it aims to support the natural detoxification processes in the body. The addition of regular pre & probiotic formulas further promote a healthy gut flora which in turn can support healthier digestion, improved immunity and reduce risk of chronic disease. Furthermore. by supporting cold pressed juice companies you are also supporting local growers & small businesses which in turn can help support the economic sustainability of Australian agriculture.



Happy Juicing Love Michelle

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