How we do Things

01 Transparency – We believe that you should be able to trust what you buy to eat. Trust that what the packaging says is true. Trust that the people making your food and drinks care about you and your well being.   We invite you into our kitchen (we will be installing a live stream remote video for those who live too far away to visit personally), meet the people making your food and drinks, and see/smell the fresh produce. We are also implementing in the future a block chain system to track the source of the ingredients in the foods and drinks we produce for you.

02 Sustainability – We believe that you should be able to trust that what you buy is not damaging the environment and that the people producing your food care about the Earth.  We are aiming for 100% sustainable sourcing because we care about our future generations.  We are creating sustainable systems in partnership with LoveTo to ensure the future safety of our food supply.

03 Waste – There is enough food being produced right now to feed every person on Earth yet still people go hungry.  We aim for 100% zero waste of food or drinks. All unsold products are donated to Food Banks and Charities who feed underprivileged and homeless people.  We are aiming at ensuring all waste streams are either recycled or up-cycled.

04 Customer experience – We believe that each and every individual on Earth is different and should be treated for the unique beings they are.  We have incorporated into our product range a diverse spread of tastes, flavours and functionality in our foods and drinks to meet your individual needs.  Our commitment to you is to listen to what you want and to give you an experience that will exceed your expectations.