What We're Up To

01 Research and Development – we are constantly working on the best way to get you the biggest health benefit with the least amount of effort on your part. To make your food and drinks easier to get, better, more functional and taste amazing takes a lot of researching, creativity and innovation.

02 Blockchain – we are committed to bring our promises of full transparency and sustainability to 100% through harnessing blockchain technology.

03 Clusters – We are working with LoveTo to bring together farmers, other food and drink manufacturers and logistics companies to bring you the full benefits of clustered, co-operative businesses working in a set geographic location. This reduces the number of ‘middlemen’ which in turn reduces wasted efficiency in the supply chain (aka savings to you)

04 Growth – Our aim is to bring this sustainable model to people all over the world.  We aim to bring local food and drinks that are unique to each geographic area but are made with the exacting standards, transparency, sustainability and zero waste policy as they are for the first model here in South East Queensland.