Juzcit Founder Michelle CatersonAbout Juzcit


Michelle Caterson, the founder of Juzcit, was working in a corporate job that was exhausting from the long hours and pressure. She was ofter left feeling drained emotionally and physically. She was very aware that to keep going and to not become another statistic of ‘heart attack at forty’, she needed to support her health with truely nutritious foods.  


What Michelle found was that even in the middle of the city of Brisbane, finding truely healthy food was difficult.  Lunch time line ups of people waiting for juices and smoothies that were marketed as healthy but really, were far from the real deal left Michelle feeling frustrated.


So Michelle decided to bring healthy options and alternatives to a busy lifestyle and making Healthy – Easy drives her to produce convenient, nutrient packed juices and elixirs. Ensuring that only the best ingredients, in the right combinations are use to create nutrient rich cold pressed juices, elixirs and cleanses — Choosing Healthy Has Been Made Easy For You.


We do the ‘Doing’ for you so you can have health options when ‘Life’ gets too busy.


When it comes to health, Juzcit stands for quality, education, sustainability and results AND the range is ever evolving, expanding and improving so you always get the best options available.

Juzcit’s mission is simple, we aim to be the #1 solution for getting great tasting, nutritional cold pressed juice and live probiotics drink as simple and as affordable as possible.

Why Choose Juzcit?


 At Juzcit, we are constantly creating unique, delicious, and super nutritious blends of cold pressed juice and live probiotics with the intention of supporting your overall health and well being from the inside out.


Juzcit’s customer service is unbeatable! We take personalised service and attention to detail to another level.  Our goal is to make your cleanse experience a time to remember and brag about to your friends.


What We Do


We get the highest quality fresh foods from local, organic and spray free farms and we squeeze it and put it in a bottle.  Then we deliver it straight to your home or work.  But that’s not all we do…

We work with our clients, coaching and supporting each and every person to ensure they get the most from their cleanse experience. We want every customer to be totally supported on their wellness journey because when our clients are radiant and bursting with energy they can reach their dreams and can take on the world.


Our Dreams….


At Juzcit, we have a dream to develop a closed-loop, fully self-sustainable, off-grid, aquaponics farm to bottle facility to feed our need for organic green leafy vegetables.  We are working on this project right now! So exciting 🙂


Our Vision


Our vision is to create a wellness community centred on a healthy lifestyle and getting 100% out of life through learning and discovering ever day about health and wellness of both ourselves and our environment.