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‘Choosing healthy – should be simple, easy and as convenient as you need it to be AND 100% natural and nutrient rich.


Bringing healthy options and alternatives to a busy lifestyle and making Healthy – Easy drives us to produce convenient, nutrient packed juices and elixirs. Ensuring that only the best ingredients, in the right combinations are use to create nutrient rich cold pressed juices, elixirs and cleanses — Choosing Healthy Has Been Made Easy For You.


We do the ‘Doing’ for you so you can have health options when ‘Life’ gets too busy.


Juzcit is a South East Queensland based business that is owned and operated by Michelle Caterson. We prepare high quality, organic cold pressed juices that are available from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and conveniently delivered to your home or work place.


When it comes to health, Juzcit stands for quality, education and results AND the range is ever evolving, expanding and improving so you always get the best options available.


About Michelle


Michelle Caterson | Co Founder JuzcitI’m an advocate of living a life filled with health, peace and love however it wasn’t always like this for me and the journey to become who I am today was a revealing one . . . and it started with a simple choice.

For many years I worked in a high stress corporate job that left me feeling tired and drained emotionally and physically. Although my job fulfilled all the right ‘social values’ at the time, I knew there was more to life and I needed to ‘have’ more from my life.

And so the journey to recover my health physically, emotionally and mentally started . . .

I have always been health conscious, tried to eat the right foods and exercised when I could but I knew there was more to gaining my total health back.

The first step was to uncover the ‘right’ way of nourishing my body with the right ‘foods’ in the right ‘combinations’ and in the right ‘proportions’.

This is when I discovered the multifaceted benefits of juice cleansing. My on going health issue cleared up and surprisingly I regained the energy levels of my (not so distant) youth.

However frustration set in when I found it hard to find truly healthy food options when on the run in my ‘busy’ corporate life style.

I wanted to make it easy for people to choose truly healthy, raw, chemical free, whole foods, especially when you are ‘time-deprived’ and don’t have the time to do it yourself.

And so, I created Juzcit cold pressed juices, elixirs and juice cleanses and other healthy food options, basing it in the Gold Coast area.

When it comes to health, I believe in quality, education and results. I’m committed to ensuring that only the best ingredients in the right combinations are created for our juice range and cleanses and we are constantly expanding and improving our range of products so you always get the best.

So you can . . . Enjoy Our Juices Everyday!