5 things time poor mums can do to look after themselves and avoid being overwhelmed

Having a child is a life-altering experience and no matter how many books we’ve read,nothing can prepare us for the reality! At the same time that our bodiesare readjusting to its pre-pregnancy states, we have to deal with a little one with constant demands. Coupled with lack of sleep, it’s no wonder that so many of us feel overwhelmed and forget to look after our own personal needs. It is, ironically, just at this stage that we most need to look after ourselves – if our health fails, the rest of the family will suffer too.

As a new mom, you know the importance of keeping to some semblance of routine with your baby. Try to incorporate the following tips into yours and soon you’ll find life taking on a more manageable edge.

Exercise with your baby
Not all of us can afford to sign up for a “mommy and baby fitness program”, but you can do it by yourself. Bundle baby up in the pram and go for a power walk. Increase the time, length and intensity of your walk over a period of time and soon you’ll start to notice the improvements in your wellbeing. Not only are you exercising, but the fresh air is a wonderful tonic to clear the mind. It’s also a handy way to start interacting with other moms who may find themselves in the same boat.

Try turning the play routine into exercises: lift your baby in your arms; do sit-ups with your baby in your lap. The variations are endless and all it needs is some creative thought.

Plan your meals
Planning is crucial to maintain some kind of control of your meals. Without it, it is too easy to fall victim to snacking on biscuits and crisps as you dash between changing diapers to feeding and back again. Or even worse, settling for take-away meals for dinner. Set aside some hours over the weekend, or when you have some support at home. Decide on a few easy and healthy recipes and try to cook a few meals in advance. Load up on fruit and vegetables and healthy snacks and, if you have a grocery store with a home delivery service, make use of it!

Stock up on frozen vegetables and fruit
Frozen veggies have the same nutritional values as fresh ones. And it is so convenient to dump them directly into a wok or slow cooker and prepare a healthy and delicious meal. Get creative with your fruit too – bake some apples and pears and add them to your morning cereals or yogurt. It will ensure that you’re getting all the vitamins you need to boost your energy.

Drink your fruit and veggies on the go
Drinking fresh, cold pressed juice is a great time-saving alternative to preparing a salad or a bowl of fruit with muesli. Cold pressed juices keep every bit of the great taste and nutritional values of fruit and vegetables. They are made from various combinations of fruit and vegetables, which taste great and contain a large variety of necessary vitamins and minerals. For example, the Loaded mix from Juzcit contains apple, cucumber, celery, Cos lettuce, spinach, lime and mint. Are you able to include all these fruit and vegetables in your diet on an average day? Probably not. One serving of cold pressed juice is the equivalent of eating a veggie salad and a fruit mix bowl, so be sure to add this to your next shopping list.

Be kind to yourself
Listen to your body and don’t ignore the signs or hunger and fatigue. Don’t push yourself too hard, and rest whenever your baby does. Let’s be honest – we are not super moms and our children are not super kids either.

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