5 simple ways to increase fruit and vegetable consumption

Most people want to be healthy, but the pressures of everyday life and business can keep you constantly on the go. How many times have you snacked on a diet bar between business meetings? How many times a week do you take supplements to try to make up for a poor diet? 

Increase fruit and vegetable intake with just a few small changes in your daily habits, you can eat healthier and get all your vitamins from fruit and veggies. Here are five easy ideas you can apply every day:

Create your own flavoured yogurt
The yogurt with fruit (or worse, fruit flavoured) from supermarkets has so little to do with real fruit and is laden with sugar. Why don’t you buy simple, organic yogurt (or even better – Coconut yogurt) instead and add pieces of fruit to it? You can even create your favorite combinations, which you will never find in standardized fruit yogurts, like apple and banana, or pear and berries. Every single day, you can surprise yourself with a healthy and delicious dessert, created by yourself, according to your tastes.

Add fruit to your cereals or pancakes at breakfast
Raisins, chopped apples, orange pieces taste amazing in muesli or oatmeal. What can we say about pancakes with strawberries? It is a true delight and it will get you started with a smile on your face and lots of energy for a busy day. All you need is your own imagination and a few pieces of fruit.

Put more veggies and less meat and eggs in your salad
Every day we trick ourselves that we have a healthy lunch, but our salads consist mostly of dressing (which is full of calories), chicken or bacon pieces, egg slices and just a few lettuce leaves and tomato slices. This combination is anything but healthy. It is much healthier if you order your grilled chicken separately and a large bowl of salad next to it. Dark green, leafy varieties of lettuce are rich in vitamins and minerals and a good mix of them also tastes great!

Always have fruit around you
Put fruit bowls everywhere you spend most of your time during the day: at the office, in the living room or your home office. Create an attractive mix of colors: yellow bananas, green apples, oranges, white grapes, and so on. When you feel a little hungry, you will definitely reach out for a fruit instead of looking in your bag for a snack bar.

Drink cold pressed juice
Cold pressed juice contains all the vitamins, mineral, nutrients and the natural taste of the fruit and vegetables that it is made from. It is such a simple and convenient way to make sure you always have good servings of fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. Whether you are driving in your car or having a long meeting at work, you can enjoy the best of delicious, healthy fruit and vegetables in a simple and unobtrusive manner.

Juzcit juice gives you a wide assortment of juice combinations, which will boost you with natural energy. These cold pressed juices are made of only the highest quality, freshest fruit and vegetables, in delicious and surprising combinations to satisfy every taste. You can find your favorite energy boost for long days of hard work, or your pick-me-up drink for less productive days and always have your healthy drink at hand when watching a movie in the evening.

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