5 Quick Tips to Pattern Interrupt Your Monkey Brain

5 Quick Tips to Pattern Interrupt Your Monkey Brain

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5 Quick Tips to Pattern Interrupt Your Monkey Brain


This is so relevant to me right now! I’m totally out of my comfort zone, putting myself out there in ways I would not even consider possible 12 months ago but it comes at a cost. Every time I take another step into the unknown, my monkey brain goes into fight/flight mode, my stress levels skyrocket and my health starts to deteriorate before my very eyes. I have woken up having heart palpitations and I feel myself trying to implement more “rules” in my life so I can regain my internal feeling of control.


I could easily let this spiral out of control. That is why I have been using a few tools to pattern interrupting myself to bring me back to center, reduce my overall stress and improve my health.


  1. Meditate!!!!! This seriously has been a lifesaver for me. When I wake up at 2am in the morning with my heart going crazy in my chest I immediately go and get my phone and do a guided relaxation meditation. It brings my focus onto my breath, slows down my racing heart and allows me to empty my mind and go back to sleep.
  2. This has been a harder one for me to implement however, my coach totally harps on about this one so much that I have started listening finally. To bring this one in, I will turn off all devices that may disturb my relaxation and I sit and think, normally outside in contact with the earth so I can ground out. I let my brain go and stop making all the noise wrong. I watch the continuous train of thoughts go in and out of my mind and it all becomes less scary.
  3. Listen to music. This one is an easy one however, I have noticed that it still takes a bit of thought to remember to do this unless I’m in the kitchen where it is an automatic habit to put some uplifting music on while I work.
  4. Go for a slow walk. I very rarely used to walk. I always had this thought of why walk from A to B when you can run and get there faster? That’s all good and well sometimes however, if you want to pattern interrupt a freakout moment, a slow walk is the fastest way to get from A (holy shit I’m freaking out) to B (life’s good)
  5. This is a good one to use if you are in a situation and in the moment you can feel yourself starting to freak out, get angry or get overwhelmed. Plaster a big grin on your face to force your body into believing you are happy. Your brain will release ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters, your heart rate will slow down and you will start to feel better almost immediately. Plus, it’s totally contagious and anyone around you will smile with you so you will be having a positive impact not only on yourself.


If you have any tips you have used that you would like to share, I would love to hear about them. Please comment and share with anyone you think would benefit from using some of these tools. Happy Friday!!!


Happy Juicing Love Michelle

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