5 Day Gut Detox Guide

5 Day Gut Detox Prep

Your 5 day Gut Detox Guide

Your gut health is commonly referred to as your second brain and is the crux of your overall mental and physical health, which is why taking serious care of your gut is so important.

With cleanses, going from exposing your body to numerous toxins from caffeine, alcohol, gluten, preservatives and refined sugar to a complete and immediate stop can result in some pretty uncomfortable symptoms due to the shock on your beautiful body. While some people experience flu like symptoms from the detox process others may get a slight to a sever headache. To minimise these symptoms, it is recommended that you ease yourself into the detox process.

We have outlined some steps for you below so that you get the best out of your cleanse.

Day 1

  • Start your morning with a big glass of warm or room temperature water. This is one of the best things you can give your digestive system to help detox and aid digested food through your digestive track.


  • Fill a 2 Liter water bottle with pure water (not tap water) and ensure that you drink at least this amount throughout the day.


  • Between each meal, have 1 tsp of psyllium husks in water to get your digestive system moving. Have up to 3 servings per day.


  • Halve your daily caffeine intake and replace it with a non-caffeine based drink like peppermint tea (do not replace with soft drinks or sugary drinks). Do not drink more than 2 caffeine-based drinks.


  • Fuel up on some fresh, raw fruits and vegetables with every meal

Day 2

Repeat day 1 plus:


  • Soak up some morning sun on your skin before 8am


  • Do not drink any soft drink or sugary-based drinks and no more than 1 caffeine-based drink


  • Eat minimal processed carbohydrates like bread, wheat products or white rice


  • Reduce meat intake to only one meal and only a small 100g portion with lots of fresh raw or steamed vegetables


  • Do 20mins of moderate exercise to get your blood flowing


Day 3

Repeat day 1 & 2 plus:

  • Completely replace caffeine-based drinks with non-caffeine options like peppermint tea or lemon water


  • Cut out that sneaky alcoholic beverage – alcohol promotes the growth of negative bacteria!


  • Eat your last meal at least 2 hrs before bed so your body has time to digest your meal


  • Go dairy-free and gluten-free

Day 4

Repeat days 1 to 3 plus:


  • Eat small meals of fresh, raw fruits, vegetables and nuts every 2 hours with plenty of purified water between meals


  • Prepare your soul for your detox with meditation and yoga. Maybe go for a sauna or a tension relieving massage to give your body the TLC it craves

Day 5

Repeat days 1 to 4

  • You are ready.


  • You may already be noticing changes to your skin and energy levels.


  • Get clear on your goals for your juice cleanse.


  • Make notes in a journal about how you feel, what your sleep was like and note 3 things you did well each day.


  • Treat yourself to a facial or skin dry brush exfoliation.

Download the guide to print Here

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