3 Simple Ways Stay Lean Over Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner!!

Last Christmas on Christmas Eve, I felt like my body was in full crisis mode. I was stressed out and exhausted. I had started my first business, Juzcit – A Cold Pressed Juice Bar – in the Logan Hyperdome Shopping Center and after only 6 months of trading, I knew it was not working out. The cost of operating from the shopping center was literally killing me. So after shutting down the juice bar, on Christmas Eve, I made a decision that most people would not ever make, I embarked on a 28 day juice cleanse. (Don’t worry, Juzcit stayed alive online 🙂 )

So yep, I spent Christmas Day with my partner’s family smelling all of the delicious foods that had been prepared and I sat and sipped my juice while everyone feasted and sipped on cocktails and beer. I admit, it was probably the most difficult day out of the whole 28 days, especially dealing with all of the incredulous reactions from everyone…. I smiled and sipped and pretended that the smells were not affecting me (they totally were…).

When I spend time researching about the health benefits of particular juice ingredients, I come across articles in online magazines and blogs that say that juice cleansing is not good for you. I agree that juice cleansing is not good for every-one; pregnant women and children for example. But juice cleansing has helped a lot of people; particularly people with a long history of eating and drinking highly processed foods and drinks and people with ‘lifestyle’ diseases.

Just look at the results from some of the people who have use cleansing to literally reverse ‘in-curable’ diseases and improve their overall health and well-being.





If you feel like doing a cleanse could help you but are worried about going the full cleanse program then there are other ways to incorporate cold pressed juice in your diet/lifestyle without going the full hog straight up.

Try these 3 simple simple steps to juicing cleansing –

Step 1. Try intermittent fasting – Drink only juice and water first thing in the morning until lunchtime, then eat ‘clean’ food (non-processed, no refined sugars, limited or no meat, good fats) every 2 to 3 hours in small portions for about 8 to 10 hours.

Step 2. Replace one meal per day with a different coloured juice each day. Incorporate this in a good ‘clean’ food diet (see above)

Step 3. Turn the famous 5 & 2 diet (eating whatever for 5 days and fasting for 2) into a 5 & 2 cleanse. For example, when I am wanting to reset, I’ll cleanse for five and eat for 2 and when I am just maintaining my health, I’ll often eat for 5 and cleanse for 2 per week.

It’s okay to adjust how you add Cold pressed juice to your diet to suit your lifestyle. Do what feels right for you and listen to your body. When I decided to fast over Christmas, that is exactly what I did. I needed to stop, reset and put me first again and I didn’t care what time of year it was, I needed it.

I probably won’t do the same thing this year but I will keep caring for my health and well-being over Christmas and I will have a cold pressed juice every day regardless of whether I am fasting or not because I know how great it makes me feel.

Not everyone can get our Cold pressed juice yet (But you can join our waiting list if you want it)

If you want to have cold pressed juice in your life every day but cannot get it from Juzcit or some other reputable cold pressed juice company in your area, you can do your own juice cleanse using the Kuvings C7000 available from our website delivered direct to your door. The Kuvings Juicer is the best on the market at the moment and the one we recommend.

Also, we can deliver fresh fruit and vegetable packs with the correct quantities of produce for you to create your own juice cleanse, including recipes, tips and instructions.

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