Ep. 20 Interview with Heather Joy Bassett, Author, Inspirational Speaker & Ex-World Champion

Heather Joy Bassett

For episode 20 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat with Heather Joy Bassett. Heather is an Author, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor & Ex-World Champion, an Entrepreneur and all round interesting person. 
Heather and I met on a workshop called “The Consciousness of Money” held on The Sunshine Coast in Queensland. We shared a room and as I got to know Heather and listened to her stories, I found her quite fascinating and inspirational. Heather shares her journey through the highs and lows of competing in a team that made it to the world finals. She ran her own podiatry practice for 35 years and 8 months before selling and starting a new phase in her journey of self discovery. Heather started doing workshops in personal development, sexuality and spirituality from a place of lack in herself, believing that she was broken and needed to be fixed. Over time, Heather has learned that she is perfectly perfect and is now sharing her story with others through her first book “A Cosmically Juicy Life” that she published when she was 59.

Slow Cooker Mung Bean Dahl Recipe

Slow Cooker Mung Bean Dahl Recipe

I posted a red lentil dahl recipe a few weeks ago because I was going to make it for a party we were holding but the day before the event I changed my mind and decided that I wanted to make a mung bean dahl instead. The dish was a major hit with carnivornes, vego’s and vegan’s alike and I did promise some of our guests that I would share the recipe.

Ep. 19 Interview with Amanda Fullam – Founder of @theprettinessproject & Interior Designer

Amanda Fullam

For episode 19 of “Let’s Talk About..” I chat with Amanda Fullam.  Amanda came to chat about life and following her dreams by experiencing a creative rebirth and starting her instagram profile – @theprettinessproject, her fledgling business that she want to move from doing interior design to impact on more peoples lives. 
Amanda and I met doing a personal development workshop and after chatting to her at the workshop I really wanted to chat to her on this podcast as she told me how she started her instagram profile @theprettinessproject from reconnecting with her feminine side and her creativity to experience a creative rebirth. The result was Amanda’s discovery of a community of people who loved lettering in May, she started researching how to do wedding and event signage and lettering art and has grown her online following from 800 people to 2,000 in 1 month by giving away hints and tutorials on Instagram for free. 

Healthy(ish) Cold Pressed Juice Cocktail Recipes

Healthy(ish) Cold Pressed Juice Cocktails Feature image

If there is one thing that I love about Christmas it is all of the socialising and celebrating. However, it is so easy to throw away all the good work you have done on your health and well-being over the year with a massive surge of artificial colours, flavours and additives sneaking into your diet at festive events. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. Below are 3 Christmas Party Cocktail recipes that you can make easily at home or take the ingredients to a party to mix up for family and friends.