Digest Water Recipe

I make this water to drink nearly every day.  (Disclosure – I am not a Doterra representative and I get no benefit from promoting their oil)  I love the taste and I love that Digest Water is so easy drink that I find it easy to get to my ‘water goal’ each day.  To me, water starts to taste a bit bland and I want to have something else to add variety but at the same time I understand the importance of being hydrated and why it’s so important to make it easier to drink. 

Ep. 9 Interview With Ben Bowler

Ben Bowler

This week, I have interviewed Ben Bowler. Ben is the Executive director of Unity Earth and the CEO of World Weavers and is behind the launch of the inaugural “Fields of Healing: A Journey of Awakening” event hosted by Unity Earth Nov 24-25th at the North Byron Bay Parklands.  He is a unity-activist and spiritual entrepreneur and a writer for Huffington Post.

Bianca Maree – Accredited Dietitian

My name is Bianca Maree, and I am an Accredited Dietitian who has been practicing clinical dietetics since 2012. In more recent years, I have moved into the world of alternative medicine to improve the outcomes of my clients’ using holistic practices and natural therapies. The area I am most passionate about is improving digestive health as this is an … Read More

Keto Protein Shake

Keto Protein Shake

I make this keto protein shake for breakfast about 3 times per week. It can be a little hard to drink for some people because it is so super low in sugar. I prefer it this way however, if you prefer it a little sweeter, add more fruit like half a banana or a teaspoon of maple syrup.. Don’t have time to make your own meals? Why not order one of our amazing meal plans and let us do all the hard work for you.

Ep. 8 Interview With Fiona Galloway

Fiona Galloway

This week I interviewed Fiona Galloway, founder of Nourished Space, plant-based chef trained by Matthew Kenny in New York, Heart of Yoga teacher, Breathwork facilitator and co-founder/facilitator of The Art of Wellness 5 day retreat in Byron Bay, the first retreat running in October 2018.

Ep. 7 Food Waste: We are all Responsible

Food Waste: We are all Responsible

We are all responsible for the future of this planet and the quality of life we all experience during our time on this Earth, anyone who throws their hands up in the air and declares the problem too big for one person, then does nothing needs to have a good hard look at themselves. The problem is deep and to me goes to the core of our responsibilities as humans. What are you doing? Are you doing anything? What if taking action on your personal food waste supported you to have a happier healthier life? Would you do something then?

Keto Egg Salad Recipe

Keto Egg Salad Recipe

I made this Keto Egg Salad Recipe a few days ago and was eating leftovers for lunch as I created this post.  It is super creamy and has the added benefits of yogurt mixed with the mayonnaise to give the dressing a lighter flavour with a hint of lemony tang . Don’t have time to make your own meals? Why not order one of our amazing meal plans and let us do all the hard work for you.