Veggie Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse


Designed to be super low in natural sugars, this cleanse is seriously alkalising.  It will support deep cleansing, weight loss and rebalancing of your digestive system.



If you lead a relatively healthy life and have had experience cleansing, this cleanse is for you.  You will get fast, powerful results to return you to a balanced state of wellbeing.

Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

Whether you are starting a weight loss journey, resetting your digestive system or doing a pattern interrupt to kick start you on a healthy eating plan, this cleanse will support you to meet your health goals.  The Weight Loss Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse is designed to be balanced to give your body a wide range of nutrients while cleansing and detoxing your body of toxins.



If you are new to juicing, this cleanse is for you.  It will gently detoxify the body to quickly return you to a balanced state of wellbeing.

Build your own Cold Pressed Juice Cleanse

Be the master of your own destiny. Choose each blend to suit your cleanse goals.



If having choice is important to you, this is the cleanse for you.

Meet the Farmers who grow the food for our delicious juices ….


Local Seasonal Ecological Food From your Farmer


David Cox’s Monticello Estate in the Granite Belt provides apples, which are incredibly floral and sweet. This is partly due to David’s dry irrigation methods – gradually training the trees to live with no irrigation means lower yields, but more intense flavours and less nutrient leaching.

Check out what they do here –

Visit and stay at the farm for a relaxing getaway –

The Stead’s are a small farming operation made up of mum, dad and kids. They are pursuing a dream that they always thought was out of their reach – small, viable, sustainable farming. The Steads grow sustainably and chemically free because that is part of who they are – part of their value system. That value system has extended from their own veggie patch and onto your plate. In contributing to the health of the plants, soil, air, water systems, they contribute to the health of their own family, and those of future generations. This is sustainable ‘LIVING’ – to be full of life, fulfilling, nourishing, nurturing, intelligent, vibrant, flourishing and interesting.

Sustainable food

Juzcit connects with small local sustainable organic and chemical free farms through Food Connect.  Food Connect was founded in 2005 by ex-dairy farmer Robert Pekin, who was forced off his dairy farm in the late 1990’s and has a mission to democratise the food system to create a fairer food system.

Food Connect sources local and actually means local: “our fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products and bakery items travel no more than 400 kilometres before getting to your door, that’s why we can guarantee superior quality, freshness and a reduced impact on the environment”